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Basic macaron shell recipe

  • This will make approximately 100 shells, or about 4 dozen cookies
  • When practicing, I generally half this recipe to only make 1 sheet of cookies
  • When making macarons, you will generally flavor the filling but not the shells
  • You want to make the macarons the day before the event. You will store them in the refrigerator over night, and then take them out a few hours before to come to room temperature. This is because macarons are best when "ripened", or allowed to sit for at least one night and have the filling seep into the shells a bit. Otherwise, straight out of the oven, they can be too crunchy or hard
  • Macarons shells freeze well! Filled macarons can also freeze well depending on the filling. Buttercream fillings freeze great. Put the cookies into an airtight container before freezing
  • Everyones baking temperature and baking time vary depending on their oven - you might have to experiment a bit!
  • _I always separate egg whites myself by cracking the egg, p
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# config/initializers/asset_manifest.rb
class AssetManifest
@manifest = JSON.parse("public/assets/rev-manifest.json"))
def self.manifest
def self.stylesheet_link_tag(url)
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// In your extension's index.html you'll also need to include Bugsnag and disable auto-notification:
// <script src="bugsnag-2.min.js" data-apiKey="your-api-key" data-autoNotify="false">
// You can then add try/catch blocks in your content scripts, and pass any errors back up to your extension:
// Inside your content script
try {
// Some code in your content scripts
} catch(e) {
var exceptionObj = {stack: e.stack, message: e.message, name:};
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# This file is copied to spec/ when you run 'rails generate rspec:install'
ENV["RAILS_ENV"] ||= 'test'
require File.expand_path("../../config/environment", __FILE__)
require 'rspec/rails'
require 'rspec/autorun'
require 'webmock/rspec'
require 'sidekiq/testing'
# Requires supporting ruby files with custom matchers and macros, etc,
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<%= form_tag charges_path do %>
<label class="amount">
<span>Amount: $5.00</span>
<script src="" class="stripe-button"
data-key="<%= Rails.configuration.stripe[:publishable_key] %>"
data-description="A month's subscription"
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Last active Sep 28, 2015
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!function(a){var b=window.Bugsnag;window.Bugsnag=a(window,document,navigator,b)}(function(a,b,c,d){function e(a,b){try{return"function"!=typeof a?a:(a.bugsnag||(a.bugsnag=function(c){if(b&&b.eventHandler&&(u=c),!w)return a.apply(this,arguments);try{return a.apply(this,arguments)}catch(d){throw k("autoNotify",!0)&&(v.notifyException(d),r()),d}},a.bugsnag.bugsnag=a.bugsnag),a.bugsnag)}catch(c){return a}}function f(b){var c=a.console;void 0!==c&&void 0!==c.log&&c.log("[Bugsnag] "+b)}function g(a,b){var c=[];for(var d in a)if(a.hasOwnProperty(d)&&null!=d&&null!=a[d]){var e=b?b+"["+d+"]":d,f=a[d];c.push("object"==typeof f?g(f,e):encodeURIComponent(e)+"="+encodeURIComponent(f))}return c.join("&")}function h(a,b){if(null==b)return a;a=a||{};for(var c in b)if(b.hasOwnProperty(c))try{a[c]=b[c].constructor===Object?h(a[c],b[c]):b[c]}catch(d){a[c]=b[c]}return a}function i(a,b){var c=new Image;c.src=a+"?"+g(b)+"&ct=img&cb="+(new Date).getTime()}function j(a){for(var b={},c=/^data\-([\w\-]+)$/,d=a.attributes,e=0;e<d.lengt

Keybase proof

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  • I am jessicard on github.
  • I am jessicard ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 0194 252F 9116 C0CF 7ACC 2F5C 5835 5F4E 8B29 9BA2

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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