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function foo() {
var er = new Error('foo() has been removed in favor of bar(). Please update your java scripts codes.')
Error.captureStackTrace(er, foo)
throw er
function bar() {
// See
public class Cake implements PlainTextBean {
private String type;
// The getter is up here since the order of fields affects the order in the
// xml.
public String getType() {
return type;
ytdl ''
ffmpeg -i *.mp4 -vn mac_startup.wav
sox mac_startup.wav mac_warp.mp3 chorus 0.6 0.9 25 0.9 1 8 -s \
echos 0.8 0.7 40 0.25 63 0.3 phaser 1 0.7 3 0.7 0.5 -t
play mac_startup.wav
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<p>The files that could have been potentially accessed included a ton of sensitive information: SSL keys, database passwords with read/write access to our production databases, basically everything you never want a third party to see. Somebody with access to the database could replace npm modules with malicious payloads. I don't want to blur the truth here: this could have been a disaster. It is very much like the <a href=""> security breach</a> in early 2013, and we are similarly lucky that the effect was not much much worse.</p>
<p>Thankfully, there's no evidence that, other than ourselves, the engineers who reported the bugs, and a few members of the GitHub security team who knew about the issue, anyone knew about this hole. But, in the interests of transparency, we should be clear that we can't <strong>prove</strong> that: the logs we kept at the time were not su
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#!/usr/bin/env groovy
// GROOVY STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
def a = new ArrayList<String>()
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#!/usr/bin/env node
* Design a stack with a push, pop, and min method.
* Min returns the smallest element.
* All methods must operate in O(1) time.
* I implemented this with simple numbers, but I could enhance it
* to use objects with a comparator function.
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$ find node_modules -name 'README*' | xargs wc -c | tail -1
531452 total
$ find static -type f | xargs wc -c | tail -1
820587 total
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* @method
* @public
* @description Take an array of objects and convert to an array of pairs whose
* xCol are grouped and yCol values are aggregated somehow. If
* grouping by day or month, dates must be in ZULU format strings!
* Original implementation returned an object with keys = xCol and
* values = yCol. It worked great but js maps(objects) cannot be
* sorted!
* @param {array}
View logaxParserSpec.js
var fs = require('fs');
var exec = require('child_process').exec, child;
// Inputs
var inputDir = './developer/test/unit/data/input/';
var expectedDir = './developer/test/unit/data/expected/';
var outputDir = './developer/test/unit/data/output/';
var parserA = './server/load-it/logax-a-parser.js';
var parserB = './server/load-it/logax-b-parser.js';
var inputFiles = new Array(3);
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RB.filter('daterange', function ()
return function(conversations, start_date, end_date)
var result = [];
// date filters
var start_date = (start_date && !isNaN(Date.parse(start_date))) ? Date.parse(start_date) : 0;
var end_date = (end_date && !isNaN(Date.parse(end_date))) ? Date.parse(end_date) : new Date().getTime();