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Renders a sprite sheet from 3DS Max and kicks it to Unity
--Sprite Sheet Renderer by Corey Wolff
--Currently this is setup to use automatically spit out a sprite sheet to a specific location based on the
--CreateProject and CreateAsset script I made. It also wants to then have Unity chop up the sprite sheet.
--If people are intersted I could modify this to be a more generic version.
fn GetImageSize _frameRange = ( --Returns the size (in frames) that the image should be. The image is always a square
_stillTesting = true
i = 1
while _stillTesting == true do (
if(i*i < _frameRange) then (
i +=1
_stillTesting = false
return i
fn PasteFrame _destination _source _theX _theY = ( --Pastes frame from teh source (single frame) to the destination (sprite sheet)
for i = 0 to _source.height do (
setPixels _destination [_theX,_theY+i] (getPixels _source [0,i] _source.width)
fn RenderSheet _theWidth _theHeight _theStartFrame _theEndFrame _jump _path = ( --renders at each frame, and calculates the offset
_columnRow = GetImageSize (_theEndFrame - _theStartFrame) --find the smallest square to fit all the images
_finalFrame = bitmap (_columnRow * _theWidth) (_columnRow * _theHeight) filename: _path --generate the final image (currently blank)
f = 0 --theFame
for i = _theStartFrame to _theEndFrame by _jump do (
slidertime = i
_tempRender = render vfb:false
_y = f/_columnRow --the y pos
_x = f- _y*_columnRow --the x pos
PasteFrame _finalFrame _tempRender (_x*_theWidth) (_y*_theHeight)
return _finalFrame
_cellWidth = 200
_cellHeight = 200
_startFrame = 5
_endFrame = 30
_columnRow = GetImageSize (_endFrame - _startFrame)
_theBits = filterstring mfn "_"
_imageSaveLocation = prjDrv + @"\" + _theBits[1] + @"\Unity\Assets\FX\" + _theBits[3] + @"\"
_imageSaveName = _theBits[3] + "_SS"
try(destroydialog _ssDialog) catch()
Rollout _ssDialog "Render Sprite Sheet"(
spinner _cellWidth "Frame Width" range:[0,1000,50] type:#integer
spinner _cellHeight "Frame Height" range:[0,1000,50] type:#integer
spinner _startFrame "Start Frame" range:[0,1000,0] type:#integer
spinner _endFrame "End Frame" range:[1,1000,25] type:#integer
button _doTheThing "Render"
on _doTheThing pressed do (CustomArgs
renderWidth = _cellWidth.value
renderHeight = _cellHeight.value
_theBits = filterstring mfn "_"
_imageSaveLocation = prjDrv + @"\" + _theBits[1] + @"\Unity\Assets\Art\FX\" + _theBits[3] + @"\" --get the path for the sprite sheet
_imageSaveName = _theBits[3] + "_SS.png" --The name of the actual file
_unityLoc = @"Assets\Art\FX\" + _theBits[3] + @"\" + _imageSaveName --where it's going in unity
_numFrames = _endFrame.value - _startFrame.value --getting values ot pass to unity
_columns = GetImageSize _numFrames
_theMap = (RenderSheet _cellWidth.value _cellHeight.value _startFrame.value _endFrame.value 1 (_imageSaveLocation + _imageSaveName)) --the actual sprite sheet
makedir _imageSaveLocation
save _theMap
display _theMap
_theCommand = ("\"C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Unity.exe\" -batchmode -quit -executeMethod CustPipeline.MakeIntoSS -CustomArgs:ThePath="+_unityLoc+";Width="+_cellWidth.value as string+";Height="+_cellHeight.value as string+";Frames="+_numFrames as string+";Columns="+_columns as string)
print _theCommand
DOSCommand _theCommand
createDialog _ssDialog
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