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Jesús Rubio jesusprubio

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'use strict';
const motivation = require('motivation');
* StrapiPluginFortune.js controller
* @description: A set of functions called "actions" of the `strapi-plugin-fortune` plugin.
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'use strict';
const motivation = require('motivation');
module.exports = async () => {
const res = motivation.get();`\n${res.text} (${})\n`);
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name = "online"
version = "0.2.0"
authors = ["Jesús Rubio <>"]
edition = "2018"
documentation = ""
include = ["src/**/*", "Cargo.toml"]
description = "📶 Library to check your Internet connectivity"
repository = ""
readme = ""
jesusprubio /
Last active Mar 9, 2019
My public wallets
  • BTC: bc1qkjj283tucz5kmzmes8slsl0jn0pw9dhgcrpfzv
  • LTC: ltc1qvfqaurgevw70pt24nn5zrw35vsnhvq3rqngsmx
  • XMR: 44YFUuoofafCQiqMnLQudeHpJaLf6T9XTb4UjQC2E5MUCH4sLcDizs64Qv2YwftpPwUnKkE9YDxziczoip5anDAeRMWAtr3
  • ETH: 0x9Cfe358b3D12323B0f9B8AA3496dDDb455e34BA9
  • XRP: rU3EvwskzRPZKhJMQnSYDjkwWGbMf9D9sM
View fbEtagPoc.js
// Get an user Facebook friends. It accepts an ETag parameter to avoid
// non-changed ones to be returned again.
const https = require('https');
// Credentials
const app_id = 'X';
const app_secret = 'Y';
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'use strict';
* Module dependencies.
const Hoek = require('hoek');
const Limiter = require('ratelimiter');
const RedisClient = require('../utils/redis');
const ReplyUtil = require('../utils/reply');
jesusprubio / gist:8f092af4ca252e252eab
Last active Dec 16, 2020
Proposal: A Node.js penetration test framework
View gist:8f092af4ca252e252eab

Proposal: Node.js penetration test framework

Hi guys! Since I started to write Bluebox-ng I've been tracking the different security projects I found written in Node.js. Now we've published the first stable version we think it's the right moment to speak among us (and, of course, everyone interested in it :).


  • I think we're rewriting the same stuff in our respective projects again and again. For example, almost any tool supports IPv6 because the functions we need are still not present in the Node core and the libraries I found (IMHO) were not enough.
  • There're different projects implementing exactly the same thing, ie: port scanners.
  • We're working in a too new environment, so we need to make it together.
jesusprubio / gist:5628075
Created May 22, 2013
Homer SIP Capture 3.5 kamailio.cfg file
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# Example configuration file for a sipcapture node
####### Global Parameters #########
jesusprubio / gist:4972767
Last active Jun 19, 2020
Wifi WEP cracking cheat sheet.
View gist:4972767
# Wifi WEP cracking cheat sheet.
# Original link:
# monitor mode
airmon-ng start <IFACE>
jesusprubio / gist:4972679
Created Feb 17, 2013
Apache Ruby script to interop between FreeSWITCH and Kamailio. (xmlcurl_sample.rb)
View gist:4972679
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# 2012-03-2012 -- jesus.perez _at_ quobis _dot_ com
# Apache Ruby script to interop between FreeSWITCH and Kamailio.
# It uses Siremis database schema:
# mysql> use openser;
# Database changed
# mysql> desc subscriber;
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