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Created March 4, 2020 21:02
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Know if a go program is receiving stdin input or not
package main
import (
func main() {
fi, err := os.Stdin.Stat()
if err != nil {
logrus.Error("error reading from stdin")
logrus.Infof("File Mode %s", fi.Mode())
logrus.Infof("Os Mode Named Pipe %s", os.ModeNamedPipe)
logrus.Infof("Operation %s", fi.Mode()&os.ModeNamedPipe)
if fi.Mode()&os.ModeNamedPipe == 0 {
logrus.Infof("No STDIN Input")
} else {
var data []byte
data, err = ioutil.ReadAll(os.Stdin)
if err != nil {
logrus.Errorf("error reading from file %v", err)
logrus.Infof("There is STDIN '%s'", data)
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