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Last active Jan 27, 2016
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Feedback for Braid


I say this as a new user to Braid, with little to no prior knowledge of how it works (other than watching the demo video).

First look

  • Very overwhelmed. Lots of boxes seen in some channels. Not sure where to begin.
  • Clicks #Fix-Me-Anyway, sees a ton of threads that I can't close/have no option to hide/have no tl;drs that can clue me in as to what's the thread about
  • How do I focus on one thread? Or am I not supposed to?
  • Latency hurts, even when its not about chatting. Changing channels should feel immediate, like in slack.
  • How do you refer people to threads that they may be interested in?


  • Would it be nice to group similar threads together (perhaps by tag similarities)? makes it easier for people to look at what they're interested at, and not start a new thread with a ton more tags if an existing thread already exists.
  • This thing really needs a "Getting Started" interactive walkthrough
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