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Created July 13, 2021 11:42
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Patching Ox-html to support ID export
(defun org-html--reference (datum info &optional named-only)
"Return an appropriate reference for DATUM.
DATUM is an element or a `target' type object. INFO is the
current export state, as a plist.
When NAMED-ONLY is non-nil and DATUM has no NAME keyword, return
nil. This doesn't apply to headlines, inline tasks, radio
targets and targets."
(let* ((type (org-element-type datum))
(pcase type
((or `headline `inlinetask) :CUSTOM_ID)
((or `radio-target `target) :value)
(_ :name))
(user-label (or user-label
(when-let ((path (org-element-property :ID datum)))
(concat "ID-" path)))))
((and user-label
(or (plist-get info :html-prefer-user-labels)
;; Used CUSTOM_ID property unconditionally.
(memq type '(headline inlinetask))))
((and named-only
(not (memq type '(headline inlinetask radio-target target)))
(not user-label))
(org-export-get-reference datum info)))))
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savolla commented Aug 8, 2022

this does not work.

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