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Install Jedroid onto SD card - NVIDIA Jetson TK1
# Install Jedroid 1.3 on SD card
# Assumes a blank Ext4 formatted SD card is in the card reader
# The SD Card is not mounted
sudo mkdir /media/ubuntu/jedroidInstall
sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/mmcblk1p1 /media/ubuntu/jedroidInstall
# Get Jedroid 1.3 from Google Drives
cd ~/Downloads
wget -O jedroid_v1.31.tar.bz2
wget -O jedroid_v1.31.tar.bz2.md5sum
md5sum jedroid_v1.31.tar.bz2
# Untar
mkdir ~/jedroid_workspace
tar jxvf jedroid_v1.31.tar.bz2 -C ~/jedroid_workspace
cd ~/jedroid_workspace/jedroid
# Copy Jedroid to the SD Card
sudo cp -r sdimage/* /media/ubuntu/jedroidInstall
cd /media/ubuntu/jedroidInstall/boot
# Modify Jedroid to boot from the SD card
sudo mkdir extlinux
sudo cp extlinux.conf extlinux
sudo sed -i 's/LINUX zImage/LINUX \/boot\/zImage/' extlinux/extlinux.conf
sudo sed -i 's/FDT tegra124-pm375.dtb/FDT \/boot\/tegra124-pm375.dtb/' extlinux/extlinux.conf
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burf2000 commented Sep 8, 2018

Does Jedroid still exist mate?

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LynxEgo commented Jan 29, 2021

I'm wondering the same thing

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