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#ReactiveConf 2017 Lightning Talk Submission: JavaScript Slam Poetry

TL;DR: If you want to see me perform a spoken word poem about JavaScript in front of 1000 people (and on video), please ⭐ star this gist. If you're on mobile, you'll need to request desktop site.

JavaScript Slam Poetry

Javascript! Slam! Poetry!

This is a proposal for #ReactiveConf 2017 open call for Lightning talks.

In this talk, unlike any you have seen before, I will deliver funny, heartfelt and dead serious spoken word poetry about JavaScript, React, Reactive programming, and the community around them: diversity, friendship, and most importantly, love. It’ll be hilarious, either intentionally or unintentionally. Heckling optional.

But seriously, though?

I have been writing software for 15 years. But I have done other things, too. I’ve been a fiction writer, an improv comedian, a conference speaker, a twitter sh*tposter, and a long, long time ago, a teenage poet.

I love the tech community, but sometimes as a group we tend to be a little narrow-minded. When you get to know people, turns out so many of us have different diverse backgrounds, and when I find out I want to shake them and ask: “Why didn’t you tell me you went to clown school? That is so cool!”

I want to talk about how we can become better as engineers, as teams, and as an community, by openly being our full, weird selves, and accepting others for being theirs.

But instead of just talking, I want to make it memorable and lead by example. So I will perform a poem about JavaScript frameworks.

About the author

The author @jevakallio is the London station chief at Formidable, a veteran JavaScript developer, an improv comedian, and was drunk when he submitted this, but has since soberly concluded it was a good idea.

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ryyppy commented Jun 2, 2017

or salmiaki

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sgrove commented Jun 4, 2017

Obviously has to be borovička

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Good luck Jani!

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ackvf commented Feb 6, 2018

Jani, was your talk at Halfstack recorded?

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