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jewei1997 / nocturne-v1_attestation.log
Created October 24, 2023 14:08
Attestation for nocturne-v1 MPC Phase 2 Trusted Setup ceremony
Hey, I'm jewei1997-13339959 and I have contributed to the nocturne-v1 MPC Phase2 Trusted Setup ceremony.
The following are my contribution signatures:
Circuit # 1 (canonaddrsigcheck)
Contributor # 7
Contribution Hash: 346dd8d6 bf572eef 3402abe8 89ba450e
cefee329 3eba543a 387b10d1 9f7cd54b
ced494eb 3ad7288f d22668e6 f7e3389f
fd8468f7 84266567 4f6bb217 723e9bb2