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@jez jez/Makefile
Created Oct 5, 2014

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LaTeX Makefile
# NOTE: Change "written" to the name of your TeX file with no extension
all: $(TARGET).pdf
## Generalized rule: how to build a .pdf from each .tex
LATEXPDFS=$(patsubst %.tex,%.pdf,$(wildcard *.tex))
$(LATEXPDFS): %.pdf: %.tex
pdflatex -interaction nonstopmode $(patsubst %.pdf,%.tex,$@)
rm *.aux *.log || true
veryclean: clean
rm $(TARGET).pdf
view: $(TARGET).pdf
if [ "Darwin" = "$(shell uname)" ]; then open $(TARGET).pdf ; else evince $(TARGET).pdf ; fi
submit: $(TARGET).pdf
cp $(TARGET).pdf ../
print: $(TARGET).pdf
lpr $(TARGET).pdf
.PHONY: all clean veryclean view print
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