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My ~/.pip/pip.conf. More information here:
default-timeout = 60
respect-virtualenv = true
download-cache = ~/.pip/cache
log-file = ~/.pip/pip.log
build = ~/.pip/build
use-mirrors = true
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peterlauri commented Feb 8, 2013

When using the pip.conf file and building some stuff with sudo (ubuntu) it created a directory ~/.pip/build in the current directory, so /home/myusername/somesvndir/.pip/build and owned as root. Is there a bug in the pip and handling of ~/.pip/build. The log-file and download-cache works fine, they end up in /home/myusername/.pip/cache and pip.log.

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christabor commented Apr 14, 2014

Hia, thanks for this. FYI, "use-mirrors" and "build" are deprecated, recommended alternative for the former is to explicitly supply an internal url, e.g. index-url = ''

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