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Sublime Text 4 changelog just because it's not on the official website yet.

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About Sublime Text 4

ST 4 is currently under private alpha for power users to test and report issues to let the dev team make it polished before it gets publicly announced. It has been almost under alpha for 8 months already and it's actually kind of stable for daily use now. If you have a ST 3 license, you can join the offical ST Discord chat server to download and test it. And the most important thing, report issues you encoutered so ST 4 can become better. I hope people can interact with the dev team more so I don't directly put download links here but maybe you are smart enough to guess them :)

Dev Channel Changelog

Build 4081

7 August 2020

  • Changed default color scheme to Mariana
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Improved popup window behavior
  • Improved performance when loading files with very long lines
  • Improved quick panel sizing logic
  • Improved behavior of find_under_expand
  • Improved snippet behavior
  • Improved subl behavior when choosing which window to open a file in
  • Improved undo history serialization performance
  • Added highlight_find_results_in_scrollbar setting
  • set_file_type command now accepts "scope:" prefixed syntax names
  • Fixed white flashes that could occur in some circumstances
  • API: Added sublime.TextChangeListener, replacing the now removed on_text_changed()
  • API: show_quick_panel now accepts placeholder text, via the placeholder argument
  • API: Added sublime.syntax_from_path(), sublime.find_syntax_by_name(), sublime.find_syntax_by_scope(), and sublime.find_syntax_for_file()
  • API: Removed sublime.find_syntax()
  • API: Added View.clones()
  • API: Added Sheet.is_semi_transient() and Sheet.is_transient
  • API: CommandInputHandler now has an initial_selection() method
  • API: sublime.executable_path(), sublime.packages_path(), sublime.installed_packages_path() and sublime.cache_path() may now be called at import time
  • Windows: added setting to disable vsync

Build 4079

17 July 2020

  • Fixed a crash regression in 4078
  • Mac: Fix Adaptive theme title bar color regression in 4078

Build 4078

17 July 2020

  • Improved find history behavior
  • Linux and Mac: Adaptive theme will set the menu color to follow the color scheme
  • Fixed scrolling in popup windows when using fractional scaling
  • Fixed links in annotations not working
  • Fixed close button position when show_tab_close_buttons_on_left is used
  • Fix keypad enter not working in find panel
  • Windows: Improved menu toggling behavior
  • Windows: Fixed IME caret position when inserting code points outside of the BMP
  • API: Replaced Settings iteration with Settings.to_dict() (3.8 only)

Build 4077

11 July 2020

  • Fixed a crash in 4075 that could occur when closing the preferences window

Build 4076

10 July 2020

  • Fixed a crash regression in 4075 with missing embeds

Build 4075

10 July 2020

  • Added out of the box support for TypeScript and JSX
  • Undo information is preserved in the session
  • Renamed File/New View into File into File/Split View
  • Goto Anything can multi-select files by selecting a file while holding down Ctrl (Command on Mac)
  • Find in Files: Added Find/Cancel Find in Files menu item
  • Find in Files: Improved performance with large numbers of matches
  • Added various performance improvements with large files and graceful find degradation
  • Popup windows now use virtual windows for improved performance
  • Added setting scroll_context_lines
  • Added preview_on_click setting to support only previewing files on left click
  • Added selection_description_column_type setting to control how the column in the status bar is calculated
  • Added close_deleted_files setting to control behavior of session restoration when files have been deleted on disk
  • Added show_tab_close_buttons_on_left setting
  • Added Central European (Mac) encoding support
  • Macros now record Find commands
  • Added support for stippled_underline and squiggly_underline in color schemes
  • Fixed several OpenGL related rendering issues
  • Fixed white flashes in text views
  • Fixed over/underscroll not providing any context
  • Fixed annotations being oversized without overlay scrollbars
  • Fixed phantoms sometimes leaking
  • A cold exit will now update the recently opened files list
  • Improve file deletion when there is no trash folder
  • Session is now saved when application is notified of system shutdown
  • Syntax Definitions: "extends" keyword in .sublime-syntax
  • Syntax Definitions: "version: 2" in .sublime-syntax to fix edge cases while retaining backwards compatibility
  • Syntax Definitions: lazy loading of external "embed" actions
  • Syntax Definitions: reduced cache size on disk
  • Syntax Definitions: prevent infinite include loops via with_prototype
  • Syntax Definitions: improved matching performance and memory usage
  • Syntax Definitions: "hidden_extensions" in .sublime-syntax
  • Syntax Definitions: allow combining "pop" with "push"/"set"/"embed"/"branch"
  • Syntax Definitions: fixed a number of scope related bugs
  • Syntax Definitions: fixed some regex capture related bugs
  • Windows: Added drop shadows to popup windows. These can be disabled via the popup_shadows setting
  • Windows: Added support for color emoji
  • Windows: Various IME improvements
  • Windows: Safe Mode is now activated via shift+alt
  • Mac: Improved key translation fallback for non-pure-ascii keyboards
  • Mac: Fix single instance id not taking into account the current user
  • minihtml: Improved support for HTML entities
  • minihtml: Added support for self-closed tags
  • API: Updated Python to 3.8.3, and OpenSSL to 1.1.1g
  • API: TextChange objects now include the number of UTF16 and UTF8 code units
  • API: Window.open_file now accepts sublime.ADD_TO_SELECTION_SEMI_TRANSIENT in addition to sublime.ADD_TO_SELECTION as flags
  • API: now takes keep_to_left and animate parameters
  • API: Added sublime.open_dialog, sublime.save_dialog and sublime.select_folder_dialog
  • API: Settings objects can now be iterated over (3.8 only)
  • API: View.text_point() and related functions now accept a clamp_column parameter
  • API: Ensure on_text_changed() is called before on_query_completions() when sublime.DYNAMIC_COMPLETIONS has been specified
  • API: Region.__hash__ and Phantom.__hash__ have been replaced with to_tuple
  • API: repr now works as expected

Build 4074

28 April 2020

  • Auto Complete: Ranking quality improvements
  • Auto Complete: Added auto_complete_use_history setting to control if previous choices are automatically selected
  • Added additional settings to control the status bar: show_sidebar_button, show_indentation and show_syntax
  • Added relative line numbers, controlled by the relative_line_numbers setting
  • Color Schemes: Added support for the underline font style
  • Color Schemes: Added new property, inactive_selection_border
  • Added setting hide_pointer_while_typing
  • Console now uses Python syntax highlighting by default
  • Windows, Linux: Added Shift+F10 key binding to open the context menu
  • Fixed folder dragging in the sidebar
  • Further improvements in layout preservation when programmatically editing preferences
  • API: View.add_regions() calls that add an underline now have that underline applied to whitespace characters
  • API: Added sublime.INHIBIT_REORDER
  • API: Window.new_html_sheet() now accepts the sublime.ADD_TO_SELECTION flag
  • API: Window.new_html_sheet() no longer accepts cmd and args parameters
  • API: Fixed a regression in View.split_by_newlines()

Build 4073

8 April 2020

  • Reworked Auto Complete UI
  • Fixed a Find in Files crash regression in 4072
  • Improved layout preservation when programmatically editing preferences
  • .sublime-completion files can now specify annotation, kind and details
  • API: CompletionItem now accepts a details parameter, which can include basic HTML
  • API: minihtml now processes subl: links, running them as commands

Build 4072

8 April 2020

  • Find in Files can now filter by .gitignore
  • Fixed a path wildcard matching regression in 4070
  • Auto Complete: auto_complete_selector now applies to the position before the just-typed in character, matching auto_complete_triggers
  • Linux: Added Ctrl+Space to trigger Auto Complete
  • Linux, Windows: Added Alt+Shift+Left Mouse Button as an alternative column selection binding
  • Fixed a file encoding regression
  • Fixed a syntax highlighting backtracking edge case
  • API: Fixed on_selection_modified() being called with the wrong view when using cloned views

Build 4070

1 April 2020

  • Spell Checking: Updated dictionaries
  • Spell Checking: Added support for non-utf8 dictionaries
  • Spell Checking: System dictionaries are now available on Linux
  • Spell Checking: Dictionaries in ~/Library/Spelling are now available on Mac
  • Fixed ignored_packages setting causing sub-directories to be ignored
  • Fixed inline diffs not rendering an expected when draw centered is enabled
  • Linux: Fixed a regression in key bindings for the space bar
  • Windows: Fixed IME crash
  • API: Fixed View.text_point_utf8() and View.text_point_utf16() not working as expected

Build 4069

27 March 2020

  • Comments and layout are preserved when programmatically editing preferences
  • Holding down Shift on Windows, or Option on macOS, will start Sublime Text in Safe Mode
  • Auto Complete: Typing the full tab trigger of a snippet will move it to the top of the results
  • Auto Complete: Fixed some scenarios when auto complete would incorrectly trigger
  • Linux: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts
  • Mac: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts
  • Windows: Improved IME support
  • Syntax tests can now assert that reindent is working as expected
  • Fixed popups not scrolling
  • Fixed incorrect scrolling in Find Results after startup
  • Windows: Fixed some Safe Mode inconsistencies
  • minihtml: Fix HSL color blending
  • minihtml: Fix handling of CSS comments
  • API: Updated Python to 3.8.2
  • API: Added View.rowcol_utf8(), View.rowcol_utf16(), View.text_point_utf8() and View.text_point_utf16()
  • API: sublime.HistoricPosition now supplies utf8 and utf16 offsets
  • API: More detailed output when using sublime.log_control_tree()

Build 4068

28 February 2020

  • Fixed Auto Complete unexpectedly showing after the first edit on a newly opened file
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with syntax definition branch points
  • Fixed the Console not scrolling to the end at startup
  • Fixed syntax definitions not reloading
  • Windows: Fixed subl not making Sublime Text the foreground window
  • Windows: Fixed a crash that could occur on startup

Build 4067

14 February 2020

  • Auto Hide: Text now never jumps around when hiding tabs, even for short files
  • Find in Files: Binary file patterns are applied when an explicit folder is given
  • Find in Files: Using "Find in Folder…" from the sidebar context menu will apply project file filters
  • folder_exclude_patterns and folder_include_patterns now support project-relative paths, by starting the path with //
  • Improved performance when adding directories with extreme amounts of files to the side bar
  • Fixed a race condition when using Build, with Save All on Build enabled and async file saving
  • Improved menu auto hide behavior on Linux and Windows
  • Fixed a case where Jump Back didn't behave as expected
  • Linux: Removed dependency on glibc 2.18
  • Linux: Better support for copy+paste with other applications that don't support utf8 text
  • API: Added Window.bring_to_front()

Build 4065

29 January 2020

  • API: Added HTML sheets, which can be created via window.new_html_sheet()
  • Command Line: Fixed subl only working intermittently on Windows
  • Scrolling: Actually fixed newly opened files on Mac not scrolling to the expected position

Build 4064

28 January 2020

  • Command Line: Fixed regressions in 4063
  • API: Added sublime.log_control_tree(bool). When enabled, clicking with ctrl+alt will log the control tree under the mouse to the console

Build 4063

27 January 2020

  • Command Line: subl - can now be used to read from stdin on all platforms
  • Fixed a regression in 4062 that could cause syntax definitions to not load correctly
  • Fixed Wrap Selection With Tag not working
  • Scrolling: Fixed newly opened files on Mac not scrolling to the expected position
  • Scrolling: Fixed scroll position not being restored at start for non-selected tabs
  • Scrolling: Fixed revert on non-selected tabs not keeping the scroll position
  • Auto Complete: AC won't be triggered when replacing selected text
  • Fixed revert_hunk not showing in the context menu within inline diffs
  • Linux: Fixed text drag and drop not working correctly with unicode text
  • Mac: Fixed tooltip rendering issue on external low DPI monitors
  • Mac: Fixed Undo always being enabled, even if there's nothing to undo
  • API: Added "glow" to view.style_for_scope()
  • API: Fixed newly created views not having a valid viewport before being returned to the API

Build 4062

14 January 2020

  • Improved syntax definition load time
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with syntax definition branch points
  • Auto Complete: Several small fixes
  • minihtml: Fixed incorrect layout when using a non-default ui_scale

Build 4061

11 December 2019

  • Auto Complete: Fixed cancelCompletions being ignored
  • Auto Complete: Fixed inserting a newline character not hiding the AC dialog

Build 4060

6 December 2019

  • Mac: Fixed New Window not working
  • Auto Complete: Fixed a regression causing auto complete to be case sensitive
  • OpenGL: Added support for repeated textures
  • Fixed a 4059 regression in Jump Back

Build 4059

5 December 2019

  • Reworked Jump Back and Jump Forward commands
  • Auto Complete: Added Sublime Text 3 style selection history
  • Auto Complete: Fixed a scenario where auto complete could insert nothing after selecting a completion already present at the insert location
  • Fixed Join Lines not working as expected with multiple selections
  • Fixed transient files not being created at startup when Hot Exit is disabled
  • OpenGL: Fixed a rendering regression in 4058

Build 4058

4 December 2019

  • Auto Complete: Rework how punctuation triggers are handled
  • Auto Complete: Pressing tab when there are no available completions will insert a tab
  • OpenGL: Improve minimap rendering quality
  • OpenGL: Improve performance with many spelling errors

Build 4057

1 December 2019

  • Fixed incorrect minimap rendering when using OpenGL
  • Auto Complete: Completions are not as dependent on the syntax tokenisation rules
  • Auto Complete: Various changes to how completions with punctuation are handled
  • API: Added sublime.DYNAMIC_COMPLETIONS. on_query_completions() can return this flag to indicate that completion results should be re-queried as the user types
  • API: Added sublime.KEEP_ON_SELECTION_MODIFIED, which can be passed to View.show_popup()

Build 4056

26 November 2019

  • Fixed a crash in 4055

Build 4055

25 November 2019

  • Fixed a rendering regression in 4053
  • Fixed saving files with hexadecimal encoding not working correctly when using non-canonical formatting
  • Auto Complete: Improved behavior of completions starting with non-word characters
  • Auto Complete: Running the auto_complete command when auto complete is already showing will re-query plugins for results
  • Auto Complete: Manually typing in the only available completion will hide the auto complete popup
  • Improved minihtml rendering performance
  • Linux: Fixed a wayland compatibility regression in 4054
  • Windows: Fixed file deletion
  • API: Fixed plugin profiling
  • API: Fixed several edge cases related to plugin loading and reloading
  • API: Auto Complete can be used in input panels again

Build 4054

20 November 2019

  • Improved Switch File behavior in conjunction with multiple tabs selected
  • Fixed a 4053 regression where draw_centered wasn't rendering correctly
  • Fixed a 4053 regression where up and down arrows weren't working as expected in Goto Anything
  • Fixed empty buffers not displaying Phantoms
  • Fixed using the Command Palette to automatically prompt for missing command arguments not working correctly
  • Linux: Fixed tearing in full screen when using OpenGL

Build 4053

19 November 2019

  • Added Revert Diff Hunk
  • Improved rendering performance on very long lines
  • Expanded draw_unicode_white_space setting
  • Fixed selection matching sometimes acting as if the find panel was open when it wasn't
  • Fixed open_project_or_workspace opening blank windows when the workspace is already open
  • Auto Complete: Fixed Auto Complete incorrectly showing in widget controls
  • Auto Complete: Re-added support for t characters in .sublime-completion triggers
  • Auto Complete: Added fallback theme rules for older themes
  • Auto Complete: Several minor behavior enhancements
  • Windows: Fixed subl --safe-mode not working as expected
  • Mac: Fixed an issue creating new windows when using the Adaptive theme in full screen mode
  • Mac: Fixed two cases where ctrl+click wasn't showing the context menu on MacOS
  • API: Added error reporting for invalid .python-version files
  • API: Fixed a backwards compatibility issue with window.get_view_index()
  • API: Packages shipped with Sublime Text, such as HTML, can now be imported by both 3.3 and 3.8 plugins

Build 4052

15 November 2019

  • Auto Complete: Added auto_complete_preserve_order setting
  • Auto Complete: Added auto_complete_include_snippets_when_typing setting
  • Auto Complete: Added auto_complete_use_index setting
  • Auto Complete: Fixed trailing punctuation being incorrectly added to API suggestions
  • Added back Expand Selection to Scope
  • OpenGL: Added support for selection_corner_style
  • OpenGL: Performance improvements
  • OpenGL: Fixed a crash related to missing textures
  • Fixed trim_only_modified_white_space not working as expected when using Save As
  • Fixed a crash with syntax highlighting back tracking
  • Fixed selecting past the last line in the Command Palette
  • API: Fixed compatibility with decorated EventListener methods
  • API: Simplified CompletionItem interface

Build 4051

14 November 2019

  • Fixed annotation close buttons not showing on custom themes
  • Fixed navigation to unsaved files via Find in Files not working correctly
  • Mac: Fixed slow Goto Anything in conjunction with OpenGL rendering in some circumstances
  • Mac: Fixed a touch bar related memory leak
  • Linux: Fixed menu drawing on old versions of GTK3
  • Various minor crash fixes

Build 4050

13 November 2019

GPU Rendering

  • New hardware_acceleration setting will composite the UI on the GPU
  • By default, GPU rendering is enabled on Mac, and disabled on Windows and Linux
  • Details about the active GPU will be displayed in the Console

Context-aware Auto Complete

  • The auto complete engine now suggests completions based on patterns in existing code
  • Uses the entire project as a source, instead of just the current view
  • Plugins may specify symbol kind info to be displayed in suggestions list

Tab Multi Select

  • When multiple tabs are selected, their contents will be shown side-by-side
  • Side-by-side view is also used when selecting multiple files in sidebar
  • Goto Definition popup allows opening the definition using side-by-side view

Python 3.8 API

  • Added a Python 3.8 API environment for plugins
  • Plugins can choose Python version via .python-version file in plugin folder
  • Existing plugins are fully supported via legacy Python 3.3 API
  • Many API improvements and additions - see API section for more details

Editor Control

  • Build systems now use new annotations functionality instead of phantoms, reducing re-flow
  • Caret blinking is disabled by default. Set caret_style setting to smooth for previous behavior.
  • Find results are highlighted on the scroll bar
  • Improved automatic indentation detection
  • trim_trailing_white_space_on_save now trims only newly inserted trailing whitespace by default. Controlled via trim_only_modified_white_space setting.
  • Expanded draw_white_space setting, supporting leading and trailing white space
  • Unicode white space characters, such as the zero width no-break space, are now drawn as hex values. Controlled via draw_unicode_white_space setting.
  • Fixed spelling correction to support languages with upper case characters after start of word
  • Linux: Text drag and drop is now supported
  • Linux: Added support for alternate font weight names
  • Linux: Selection is no longer cleared when another application makes a selection

Text Commands

  • Improved behavior of Wrap Paragraph
  • Improved behavior of Swap Lines
  • Added Selection/Expand Selection as a general mechanism to expand the selection
  • Selection/Split into Lines will now split a selection into words if the selection doesn't contain any newlines
  • Show a sum in the status bar when there are multiple selections and all of them are numbers
  • Fixed swap_line_down not being able to swap an empty line onto the last line of a file
  • Fixed sort_lines replacing unicode newlines with regular ones


  • Added auto_complete_include_snippets setting, for disabling auto complete integration
  • Added ignored_snippets setting, for disabling default snippets

Goto Symbol

  • Goto Symbol in Project is now significantly faster on huge projects
  • Icons are now shown next to symbols, indicating the symbol kind
  • Symbols with 3 characters or less are now indexed

Indexing (Goto Definition)

  • Files ignored by .gitignore are not indexed by default. Controlled via index_exclude_gitignore setting.
  • Files without known extensions are no longer indexed by default. Controlled via index_skip_unknown_extensions setting.
  • Improved behavior with constantly changing files

Input Handling

  • Modifier key taps can now be used as part of a key binding. For example, ["ctrl", "ctrl"] will trigger when Ctrl is pressed twice without pressing any other keys in between.
  • Linux: AltGr can now be used in key bindings via altgr
  • Linux: Added a workaround for a touchscreen driver bug, which would cause right click and mouse scrolling to stop working
  • Linux: When the menu is hidden, pressing alt will show it
  • Mac: Fix Pinyin input
  • Mac: Keypad keys can now be bound to as expected
  • Mac: Added key bindings for macOS application tabs
  • Windows, Linux: Hide mouse cursor when typing. Controlled via hide_pointer_while_typing setting.
  • Windows, Linux: Fixed being unable to bind Ctrl+Break

Files and Folders

  • Saving files is now asynchronous
  • When save_on_focus_lost is enabled, closing an unsaved file will save and close it, instead of prompting to save
  • Improved behavior of save_on_focus_lost in conjunction with administrator owned files
  • Added reload_file_on_change setting to control if files are automatically reloaded or not
  • Windows: Fixed Open Containing Folder for UNC paths
  • Windows: Fixed Save dialog not showing for new files with control characters on the first line
  • Windows: Fixed Ctrl+Backspace inserting a DEL character when a dialog is open in the background
  • Linux: Fix recreated directories not working correctly with file change monitoring


  • Added highlight_gutter and highlight_line_number settings
  • Added the ability to auto hide the menu, tabs, and status bar when typing. See auto_hide_menu and related settings.
  • Window title bar can be controlled by show_rel_path and show_project_first settings
  • Tab context menu now includes Close Unmodified Files and Close Deleted Files entries
  • Themes now have a style property for title_bar element, for better integration with OS "dark modes"
  • Added glow font option to color schemes
  • Linux: Show sequential key bindings in the menu
  • Linux: Fixed context menu position being slightly offset


  • Windows, Linux: Added support for per-display subpixel ordering
  • Mac: Improved window resize performance
  • Windows: Fixed rendering bug where other applications could cause persistent artifacts via window animations

Application Behavior

  • Added Safe Mode, to simulate a clean install. Enabled by passing --safe-mode on the command line.
  • Added options to hot_exit setting to control behavior when the last window is closed
  • Fixed a possible case where an update loses the current session
  • Settings containing a UTF-8 BOM will no longer fail to load

Syntax Definitions

  • Added ability to "branch" within syntax definitions, for non-deterministic or multi-line constructs
  • Many syntax highlighting improvements, including significant improvements to:
  • Fixed a performance issue with bounded repeats in regular expressions


  • minihtml now handles list-style-type CSS property - circle, square and disc
  • Improved coverage of plugin profiling
  • The cProfile module is now included on Linux
  • EventListener has many new features and bug fixes
    • on_query_completions() can now
      • return suggestions asynchronously
      • return command completions
      • include symbol kind information
    • New: on_init() is called once with list of views opened before plugin was loaded
    • New: on_exit() is called immediately before plugin_host exits, after API is shut down
    • New: on_text_changed() and on_text_changed_async() provide detailed modification info
    • New methods:
      • on_reload()
      • on_revert()
      • on_new_window()
      • on_new_window_async()
      • on_pre_close_window()
      • on_pre_move()
      • on_post_move()
      • on_post_move_async()
      • on_new_project()
      • on_new_project_async()
      • on_load_project()
      • on_load_project_async()
      • on_pre_save_project()
      • on_post_save_project()
      • on_post_save_project_async()
      • on_pre_close_project()
    • Fixed on_selection_modified() to not be called twice when left clicking
  • View.add_regions() now has an annotations parameter, to allow adding a per-region annotation to the buffer. The exec command now uses this API for build errors.
  • View.element() returns a string describing widget views (find input, quick panel input, etc)
  • Image filenames can be retrieved via Sheet.file_name()
  • Syntax definitions can be queried via sublime.list_syntaxes() and sublime.find_syntax()
  • View.assign_syntax() now fully supports scope names, e.g. "scope:source.c++"
  • Assigning a syntax no longer removes widget settings files from a widget view
  • Added Window.workspace_file_name()
  • Added open_project_or_workspace command
  • append command has new, optional disable_tab_translation argument
  • Improvements to the API, applied to the new Python 3.8 environment only:
    • bool(sublime.Selection()) will return False when len() == 0
    • sublime.load_binary_resource() now returns bytes instead of bytearray
    • Added Selection.__iter__()
    • Added Region.__iter__()
    • Added Region.__contains__()
    • Settings can now be treated like a dict
    • Plugins starting with _ will be ignored, __all__ global will be respected
    • Events won't be reported until plugin_loaded() has been called
    • .pyc files can now be imported when contained within .sublime-package files, although they will not be scanned for plugins
  • The certifi Python package is preinstalled
  • Significant performance improvements when rapidly printing to the Console

OS Compatibility

  • The following operating systems are no longer supported as a result of adding Python 3.8:
    • OS X 10.7
    • OS X 10.8
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista

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Dibbyo456 commented Apr 26, 2020

Where did you get it?


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Owner Author

jfcherng commented Apr 26, 2020

Where did you get it?

ST 4 is currently in alpha state in the official Discord chat server.
You can test it if you have a ST 3 license.


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Dibbyo456 commented Jun 10, 2020

Those are beta/alpha releases, right?


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jfcherng commented Jun 10, 2020

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