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using Pkg
using TensorCast
using CuArrays
using BenchmarkTools
BenchmarkTools.DEFAULT_PARAMETERS.seconds = 0.5
function test_cast(T)
jfeist /
Last active Sep 13, 2021
to-do list for new (foreign) PhD students/postdocs upon arrival at UAM

Your arrival in Spain: getting through the administrative maze

Welcome to Spain, and more particularly to our group. Even if Spanish people are generally warm and welcoming, it is sometimes hard for newcomers, especially the non-spanish-speakers, to find their way through all the administrative steps in order to settle down easily. These small guidelines will give you an overview of the process, that can be quite time-(and patience)- consuming. They were originally prepared by Alex Delga and have since been updated by various group members based on their experiences and changing procedures.

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View nbflatten.jq
jq -r 'def banner: "\(.) " + (28-(.|length))*"-";
("Non-cell info" | banner), del(.cells), "",
(.cells[] | ("\(.cell_type) cell" | banner),
if ($show_output == "1") then
( select(.cell_type=="code" and (.outputs|length)>0) |
("output" | banner),
(.outputs[] |
jfeist / Jupyter tips &
Last active Dec 14, 2019
Jupyter tips & tricks
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Jupyter Notebook extensions

Very useful collection of extensions for Jupyter Notebook (not JupyterLab though): - installed on soleus, all the extensions can be activated/configured through the "Nbextensions" tab in the notebook tree view (the "file explorer").


style files

I have written two matplotlib style files, jf.mplstyle (default line colors based on seaborn with small modifications) and jf_cb.mplstyle (default line colors based on recommendations for viewers with colorblindness from Nature Methods 8, 441 (2011)). To use these, you can either (after having run import matplotlib.pyplot as plt or %pylab inline before)

  • call'') in your python notebook to use the style file you want directly from my server.
  • or download the file and save it into into your local matplotlib style directo