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Homebrew: Install All the PHPs
brew install php53 --with-mssql && brew unlink php53 && brew install php54 --with-mssql --with-phpdebug && brew unlink php54 && brew install php55 --with-mssql --with-phpdebug && brew unlink php55 && brew install php56 --with-mssql --with-phpdebug && brew unlink php56 && brew link php53 && brew install php53-mcrypt php53-oauth php53-pdo-dblib php53-xdebug && brew unlink php53 && brew link php54 && brew install php54-mcrypt php54-oauth php54-pdo-dblib php54-xdebug && brew unlink php54 && brew link php55 && brew install php55-mcrypt php55-oauth php55-xdebug && brew unlink php55 && brew link php56 && brew install php56-mcrypt php56-oauth php56-xdebug
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