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[13:04] maxbeizer: hello world
[13:04] jamison: hello sir
[13:04] jamison: mr maxbeizer
[13:04] jamison: we are discussing trying to get additional peoples into the bikeshed
[13:05] jamison: mr northrup is looking for work where he can join us
[13:05] maxbeizer: ah, yes, I've been meaning to respond to your email
[13:05] jamison: jeremy and wilkes are getting approval
[13:05] maxbeizer: sweet
[13:05] jamison: and stephenyeargin is about to sign
[13:05] maxbeizer: orly
[13:05] maxbeizer: wow
[13:05] jamison: we're working on getting additional space so the cost per head is not outrageous
[13:05] jamison: but, at the very least wanted to know if it's something you're even remotely interested
[13:05] jamison: (see what I did there)
[13:06] jamison: right now, it looks like we'd expand into two additional offices
[13:06] maxbeizer: I am interested. For me the issue is that is coming directly out of pocket
[13:06] jamison: maxbeizer: ok. so there is no heroku reimbursement?
[13:06] maxbeizer: Heroku explicitly does not subsidize coworking
[13:06] jamison: ack
[13:06] jamison: ok, so then, do you have a $$ that would be reasonable to you?
[13:06] jeremy: #salesforce
[13:06] jamison: if so, feel free to PM me
[13:06] maxbeizer: exactly
[13:06] jamison: rickbra is also out of pocket
[13:07] jamison: what we're looking to do
[13:07] jamison: it looks like jeremy, wilkes, and stephenyeargin will more than likely be able to get reimbursed
[13:07] jamison: so, we'll pass on savings to you and rickbra where we can
[13:07] jamison: I'm just trying to figure out what that is
[13:07] maxbeizer: I see
[13:07] jamison: maxbeizer: if we do this right, I'd like to own this entire office space by EOY
[13:07] jamison: "own"
[13:07] jamison: occupy
[13:08] maxbeizer: that'd really be something
[13:08] jamison: anyway, the only reason I'm pushing the issue
[13:08] jamison: is that I need to start either incorporating
[13:08] jamison: or telling people to gtf
[13:08] jamison: o
[13:08] maxbeizer: I see.
[13:09] jamison: of course, no pressure, I just wanted to even see if this was ballpark
[13:09] jamison: and if so, we can dig into details
[13:09] maxbeizer: jamison yeah, no pressure felt
[13:09] jamison: if not, well, you're always welcome
[13:09] jamison: just... not as often. 😉
[13:09] maxbeizer: heh
[13:09] jamison: anyway, data transimitted
[13:09] jamison: fin
[13:10] maxbeizer: IIRC current rent per person was around $400/person
[13:10] jamison: it's actually 500
[13:10] maxbeizer: that was redundant
[13:10] jamison: I'll extend that to anyone who can get reimbursed
[13:10] jamison: anyone else, we'll work with
[13:11] jamison: I *think* we can get the three offices along our wall for 3k
[13:11] jamison: that's what I'm targeting
[13:11] jamison: this is including our current space
[13:11] maxbeizer: yeah, for me realistically it would have be like half that to even be close to my budget 😞
[13:11] maxbeizer: which sucks
[13:12] jamison: $250?
[13:12] maxbeizer: but it's the reality of the situation I'm in
[13:12] jamison: $200?
[13:12] maxbeizer: yeah in that range
[13:12] jamison: ok.
[13:12] jeremy: maxbeizer: how’s your ZJ technique?
[13:12] jamison: maxbeizer: ok, so next question
[13:12] maxbeizer: jeremy up and coming
[13:12] jamison: I can get you at an agreeable rate
[13:12] jeremy: 😃
[13:12] jamison: can you do a year?
[13:12] maxbeizer: yes
[13:13] jamison: k
[13:13] jamison: ok.
[13:13] jamison: so, data
[13:13] jamison: stephenyeargin: ideally, at least phil stays
[13:13] jamison: I don't mind byron
[13:13] jamison: but, I really just could use the extra HC
[13:13] jamison: 😉
[13:13] jeremy: HC?
[13:13] jamison: head count
[13:13] jeremy: ah
[13:13] stephenyeargin: Phil answered that he wants to float in and out, but wants a desk at the new place. I'm going back and forth with them.
[13:14] jamison: k.
[13:14] jamison: alright. so, holding pattern
[13:14] stephenyeargin: Scott says he will sign checks for whatever is put in front of him for a year.
[13:14] jamison: rickbra: have you shared your ideal $$ with me?
[13:14] jamison: you can PM me
[13:14] stephenyeargin: He's tired of it being undecided 😝
[13:14] jamison: I'll start doing numbers
[13:14] rickbra: word
[13:14] jamison: stephenyeargin: excellent.
[13:15] jamison: then, have your friends make a call
[13:15] jamison: I don't want to go into Feb with this still hanging over
[13:15] jamison: stephenyeargin: I'm not going to bill scott for the time you all have been here
[13:15] stephenyeargin: He wants to pay you.
[13:15] jamison: sure
[13:16] jamison: but, I don't know how to back pay
[13:16] stephenyeargin: So you may get a check whether you want it or not. Deal with it.
[13:16] stephenyeargin: 😉
[13:16] jamison: I can't take that $$
[13:16] stephenyeargin: Heh. He'll pay you in bitcoin
[13:16] rickbra: word
[13:16] jamison: Deal
[13:16] jamison: It'd be a donation anyway, and go into startup costs
[13:16] jamison: "donation"
[13:16] jamison: ah
[13:16] jeremy: “walkin’ around money"
[13:16] jamison: call it a donation for a floating seat
[13:16] stephenyeargin: Call it an "application fee"
[13:16] jamison: yeah, app fee works
[13:17] jeremy: “blatant bribe"
[13:17] jamison: 😉
[13:17] stephenyeargin: C'mon, we know how to fudge shit and not get cau--- wait, is this being recorded?
[13:17] jamison: ok.
[13:17] jamison: so, if anyone else knows of someone who wants in, please let me know
[13:17] jamison: I will do some calculations, and get back with everyone
[13:17] jamison: as soon as you get positive confirmation of intent, please lmk
[13:18] jamison: thank you all for your time
[13:18] jamison: ❤
[13:20] jameswhite: no ceilincat, no log
[13:20] jameswhite: unless someone else is logging, which I can't stop
[13:20] jamison: not I
[13:20] stephenyeargin: "Parlor fees" is also a nice way of phrasing "donations"
[13:21] jamison: membership fees sounds right
[13:21] stephenyeargin was a frat guy
[13:22] horus_plex: any idea of the per month cost for expansion?
[13:22] stephenyeargin: depends on the divisor, sounds like.
[13:22] horus_plex: what's the dividend?
[13:23] horus_plex: or is that based on how the bikeshed expands
[13:23] horus_plex: (which is based on participants)>
[13:23] jamison: horus_plex: it depends on your payment model
[13:24] jamison: if you have reimbursement
[13:24] jamison: you're gonna get a flat
[13:24] jamison: otherwise, for other members, we'll come up with an acceptable floor
[13:24] jamison: any excess funds go toward, in order:
[13:24] jamison: * maintenance
[13:24] jamison: * volunteer events
[13:24] jamison: * beer
[13:24] horus_plex: even if the point it too high for me, I'll be down for giving a donation
[13:24] jameswhite: * jelly bellys
[13:25] rickbra: !img parlor fees
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