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base64 encoding images in NodeJS
* Complete reworking of JS from
* Removes external `request` dependency
* Caveats:
* * No error checking
* * Largely a POC. `data` URI is accurate, but this code cannot simply be inserted into an `express` app
var URL = require('url'),
sURL = '',
oURL = URL.parse(sURL),
http = require('http'),
client = http.createClient(80, oURL.hostname),
request = client.request('GET', oURL.pathname, {'host': oURL.hostname})
request.on('response', function (response)
var type = response.headers["content-type"],
prefix = "data:" + type + ";base64,",
body = "";
response.on('end', function () {
var base64 = new Buffer(body, 'binary').toString('base64'),
data = prefix + base64;
response.on('data', function (chunk) {
if (response.statusCode == 200) body += chunk;

Cool, this is the first example of doing this I've found that works. Thanks!

egwada commented Aug 29, 2013

Thanks a lot for this code ! Save me many time !

jerryni commented Oct 14, 2014

Thanks a lot for this code ! Save me many time too!

This helps me as well. Thank you for this code.

It is a piece of art. Thank you.

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