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Last active Jul 19, 2017
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Inline graph-tool figures in jupyter-notebook
# The newest version of graph-tool plots directly in a gtk window, by default.
# The following allow you to add inline plots in a jupyter-notebook (this was previously trivial).
# [The following code must appear in a notebook, obviously]
import graph_tool as gt
import graph_tool.draw
import graph_tool.collection
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib inline # this allows for inline figures
graph =["karate"]
plt.switch_backend('cairo') # the only supported backend
# The following should be your drawing cell:
pos = gt.draw.sfdp_layout(graph)
gt.draw.graph_draw(graph, pos=pos, mplfig=plt.gcf()) # Can add more options

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@jg-you jg-you commented Oct 18, 2016



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