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Last active June 1, 2023 01:57
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Blocks Shodan IPs From Scanning Your Servers.
import os
shodan = ["", "", "","", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""]
for ip in shodan:
os.system("iptables -A INPUT -s {} -j DROP".format(ip))
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Ekultek commented Feb 20, 2018

This doesn't work. Just so everyone knows.

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gianpaj commented Mar 29, 2018

os.system("ufw deny from {}".format(ip))

for debian/ubuntu

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magiknono commented Sep 10, 2018

For ufw on debian/ubuntu:
If you want block an ip for all services, you must do it before all actual rules :

os.system("ufw insert 1 deny from {}".format(ip))

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cknost commented Dec 25, 2019

ipv6 support would be a good feature.

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yumusb commented Nov 12, 2020

And , you can add's ip range.,,, and
I want to collect all the IP segments of automated scanning machines. I wonder if you are interested?

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jfqd commented Nov 14, 2020 is missing in the list:

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Another shodan ip to add:
IP: Hostname:

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Update 28 June 2021 👍


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won't be bad idea adding them to cloudflare firewall rules

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can you add zoomeye ips as well

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Cencys are courteous and provide instructions to opt out, with a list of IP's to block.

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webzcom commented May 25, 2022

I'll have to check my research notes if I have them but I had found a SHODAN server in the range. It was all cloud hosting so I blocked them all but there is a SHODAN server in there somewhre.

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jfqd commented May 25, 2022

shodoan uses hostnames, you can check by a ptr scan of the subnet and there is one host in it:

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63kk0 commented Jul 22, 2022

Just an FYI, the list of servers represented here is incomplete.

Here is the list I had compiled (yes, some are PTR-only records, and that is not listed here) based on this:

IP Domain

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