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potto007 / add_ssl_to_cloudkey.txt
Last active April 14, 2022 23:06
Set up Free SSL with Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key -- follow instructions in `add_ssl_to_cloudkey.txt`
1) Login to Cloud Key
2) Cloud Key ssh: `curl | sh`
3) Cloud Key ssh: ` --upgrade --auto-upgrade --accountemail ""`
4) Cloud Key ssh: Add `` file to `/root/`
5) Create free CloudFlare account (if not already member)
6) Login to CloudFlare
7) On CloudFlare: Create a zone for a domain you own (can add a cheap domain with or any number of alternatives)
8) On CloudFlare: Create an A record for your Cloud Key; ie: unifi.CHANGE.ME,
9) On UniFi Controller: Go to Settings; Click "Controller"; Change "Controller Hostname/IP" to the name entered in step 8.
10) On CloudFlare: go to Overview for your zone; click "Get your API key"
igrigorik / ruby-1.9-tips.rb
Created February 3, 2011 17:19
Ruby 1.9 features, tips & tricks you may not know about...
def tip(msg); puts; puts msg; puts "-"*100; end
# 30 Ruby 1.9 Tips, Tricks & Features:
tip "Upgrading to Ruby 1.9 is simple: rvm install 1.9.2 && rvm --default 1.9.2"
tip "Ruby 1.9 supports named captures in regular expressions!"