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mandimus network implementation
;; needed for with-timeout
(require 'timer)
(defvar md-server-clients '())
(defvar md-server-eval-timeout 5)
(defun md-server-start nil
(unless (process-status "mandimus-eval-server")
(make-network-process :name "mandimus-eval-server"
:server t
:service 23233
:buffer "*mandimus-server*"
:family 'ipv4
:sentinel 'md-server-sentinel
:filter 'md-server-filter)
(setq md-server-clients '())))
(defun md-server-stop nil
(while md-server-clients
(delete-process (car (car md-server-clients)))
(setq md-server-clients (cdr md-server-clients)))
(delete-process "mandimus-eval-server"))
(defun md-server-filter (proc string)
(let ((pending (assoc proc md-server-clients))
;;create entry if required
(unless pending
(setq md-server-clients (cons (cons proc "") md-server-clients))
(setq pending (assoc proc md-server-clients)))
(setq message (concat (cdr pending) string))
(while (setq index (string-match "\n" message))
(setq index (1+ index))
(setq command (substring message 0 index))
(setq result
(condition-case err
(with-timeout (md-server-eval-timeout (message "Timeout exceeded"))
(eval (car (read-from-string command))))
(error (message "Mandimus error: [%S] in [%S]" (error-message-string err) command))))
;; We always want to send the newline because the client will block until
;; it receives it.
(process-send-string proc (format "%S\n" result))
(setq message (substring message index))
(md-server-log command proc))
(setcdr pending message))))
(defun md-server-sentinel (proc msg)
(when (string= msg "connection broken by remote peer\n")
(setq md-servers-clients (assq-delete-all proc md-server-clients))
(md-server-log (format "client %s has quit" proc))))
;;from server.el
(defun md-server-log (string &optional client)
"If a *mandimus-server* buffer exists, write STRING to it for logging purposes."
(if (get-buffer "*mandimus-server*")
(with-current-buffer "*mandimus-server*"
(unless buffer-read-only
(read-only-mode t))
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert (current-time-string)
(if client (format " %s:" client) " ")
(or (bolp) (newline))))))
;; always run so mandimus can hook up
(condition-case nil
(file-error (message "ERROR: Mandimus server already running!")))
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