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How to get paths for map of sets?
(use 'clojure.test)
(deftest tracing-paths
(testing "trace-paths"
(is (= (trace-paths {:a nil} :a)
(is (= (trace-paths {:a #{:b}
:b nil} :a)
[[:a :b]]))
(is (= (trace-paths {:a #{:b :c}
:b nil
:c #{:b}} :a)
[[:a :c :b] [:a :b]]))
(is (= (trace-paths {:a #{:b}
:b #{:c :d}
:c #{:d}
:d nil} :a)
[[:a :b :c :d] [:a :b :d]]))))
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Chouser commented Mar 4, 2014

How's this? The paths fn is more general:

(defn paths
  "Returns a lazy seq of all non-looping path vectors starting with
  [nodes-fn path]
  (let [this-node (peek path)]
    (->> (nodes-fn this-node)
         (filter #(not-any? (fn [edge] (= edge [this-node %]))
                            (partition 2 1 path)))
         (mapcat #(paths nodes-fn (conj path %)))
         (cons path))))

(defn trace-paths [m start]
  (remove #(m (peek %)) (paths m [start])))

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jgdavey commented Mar 4, 2014

@Chouser Nice!

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