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Modify PyCharm-CE to run with native fsnotifier on aarch64 (nVidia Jetson Nano)
This is my how-to on getting PyCharm-CE or IDEA to run on a Jetson Nano. Tested with PyCharm-CE 2019.1 Build 191.7479
The linux install package runs on a jetson nano, but with some performance impact:
1. There is no native fsnotifier for linux-aarch64 in the package, and it won't be selected by the application if it would
be there.
2. inotify configuration is missing/not sufficient for PyCharm. Install
To get a native fsnotifier, you need to compile it from source, and you need to convince the application to select and start it.
This is currently implemented in As long as it is not yet integrated
into the build, you need to do a few things to do it yourself.
3. Have a build machine (linux or windows - as of IDEA 2019.2, only linux works), with IntelliJ IDEA installed, and capable of a
successful build:
3.1 Add the build file in python/build.xml to python.
3.2 change the allowed heap (-Xmx2G) and permanent (-XX:MaxPermSize=256m) values in build.xml and python/build.xml for the
call_gant macro. This can be done on a machine with 8G of RAM, seems to speed things up, too.
4. Clone the Repository, and apply the pull request there.
5. Run the ant build file. The resulting package is in ./out/pycharm-ce/artifacts
If you need to compile fsnotifier anew, do it on the Jetson nano with ./native/fsNotifier/linux/, name it
apropriately (fsnotifier-linux-aarch64) and copy it into the ./bin directory of the installation.
IDEA CE 191.7479 witch aarch64 fsnotifier:
PyCharm CE 191.7479 with aarch64 fsnotifier:
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insign commented Feb 1, 2021

Thank you. Downloaded and extracted for my Raspberry Pi 4. Using on PhpStorm.

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