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Replace a faulty IOSafe N2 Mainboard (2013) with one from a DS218+
Well, apparrently this works and can be sort of the cheaper option. The ioSafe N2 has a mainboard from the DS 2xx series. I
bought mine somewhere around the end of 2013, and I got one with a DS213 board in it. It showed flakyness after a few years of
flawless operation. I resoldered the RJ45 socket and USB socket, and I got another 18 months out of it. Now, this fix didn't
work the second time. In search for a replacement board the results turned up pretty thin. I bought a used DS213+ and a shrink
wrapped DS218+ and took the chances in the hope that one of these can be fitted without much changes on the casing.
As it turned out, the backside placement of sockets is identical for DS213+ and DS218+, although my N2 has no eSATA connector.
Doesn't matter, the socket is mounted sunk-in, if you don't have the hole stencilled out it won't be usable, but it is
physically possible to mount this PCB into the N2 case.
All other dimensions appear to fit nicely, the holes match, the microswitches and LEDs are nearly at the same location, the
connector for the drive cage is the same :)
- eSATA Port not usable
So, both PCBs would be usable. The clearly better otion regarding performance is the DS218+, with the Celeron-J 3399 and up
to 16GB of RAM installable. This is the option to go if you want to run additional services on this thing. Also, the support
for DSM will be longer, however DS213+ is still supported by the newest DSM. No SD card slot, however.
How to go about it:
1. Disassemble the ioSafe N2. No need to open the drive safe.
2. Disassemble the DS218+. This is a bit tricky, iFixit has a desciption:
We need only the PCB.
3. Mount the DS218+ PCB into the ioSafe base case. Pay attention that the cooling assembly fits and the PCB is mounted without
much strains on the PCB. The cooling assembly fitted nicely with about 1mm gap to the bottom in my case.
4. Reassemble the ioSafe, change the MAC sticker, switch it on
5. Migrate the dataset from DS213 to DS218+
6. Repair the installed packages in the package center (different architecture).
Have fun :)
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