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A beautiful bunch of bananas.

Joe Gorecki jgorecki

A beautiful bunch of bananas.
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jgorecki / .gitattributes
Created Sep 3, 2019 — forked from Yousha/.gitattributes
.gitattributes for PHP developers.
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* text=auto
###### Git
.gitattributes text
.gitignore text
.gitconfig text
.gitmodules text
##### Windows
*.bat text eol=crlf
View Objective-C Coding Convention and Best Practices.markdown

Objective-C Coding Convention and Best Practices

Most of these guidelines are to match Apple's documentation and community-accepted best practices. Some are derived some personal preference. This document aims to set a standard way of doing things so everyone can do things the same way. If there is something you are not particularly fond of, it is encouraged to do it anyway to be consistent with everyone else.

This document is mainly targeted toward iOS development, but definitely applies to Mac as well.


NSString *foo = @"bar";
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