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Last active August 3, 2022 12:45
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Script to dump the process memory of a given process on a Linux system to a file
# Version dump_proc_mem 0.0.1
# Author Jan Gru
# Copyright Copyright (c) Jan Gru
# License GNU General Public License
# Checks, if root permissions
if [ $(id -u) -ne 0 ]
then echo "Error: needing root permissions!" >&2
exit 1
# Shows help, if no PID is given
if [ -z "$1" ]
echo "Usage:"
echo "\tdump_proc_mem <PID>"
echo "Example:"
echo "\t./dump_proc_mem 1137 > 1337.dmp"
exit 0
# Temporary file to append memory to
TMP="/tmp/$(date --iso-8601=seconds)_${PID}.dump"
# Reads memory addresses from /proc/<PID>/maps
memory_addresses=$(grep rw-p /proc/${PID}/maps | sed -n 's/^\([0-9a-f]*\)-\([0-9a-f]*\) .*$/\1\t\2/p')
# Inform user about acquisition
echo "$(date --iso-8601=seconds)\tStarting acquision of process ${PID}" >&2
echo "$(date --iso-8601=seconds)\tProc cmdline: \"$(cat /proc/$PID/cmdline)\"" >&2
# Loops over the retrieved memory areas and dumps their content to a temporary file
echo "${memory_addresses}" | while read start stop;
echo "$(date --iso-8601=seconds)\tDumping $start - $stop" >&2
gdb --batch --pid ${PID} -ex "append memory ${TMP} 0x$start 0x$stop" >/dev/null 2>&1
# Calculates the hash of the retrieved contents
echo "$(date --iso-8601=seconds)\tResulting SHA512: $(sha512sum ${TMP} | cut -d' ' -f1 -)" >&2
# Cat the dumped content to stdout
cat $TMP
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