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Last active Oct 3, 2018
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An example clientsettings.cfg to set the default BigFix client settings at install time. Only works with the Windows EXE installer or the OS X installer. For linux, see here:

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@jgstew jgstew commented Nov 14, 2015

Put the clientsettings.cfg file in the same folder when installing the BES Client.

This is a recommended clientsettings.cfg to use alongside the BigFix/IEM Client installer to speed up performance & provisioning of the client.

The _BESClient_Resource_WorkIdle setting should be lowered after initial provisioning has completed, especially on battery powered devices.

Also, it is possible to set the WorkIdle to a high value using a clientsettings.cfg so that it takes effect right away, but then you could immediately edit that value in the Registry/Plist/Config and it should only take effect after the next reboot of the system or restart of the BigFix client. This would mean you could set WorkIdle to 50 for initial checkin, then immediately set it to 20 which would take effect after the next reboot, then you could have a BigFix action that would automatically lower this further to something like 10 if you wanted after X days.


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@jgstew jgstew commented Jan 3, 2017


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@Sujaygr Sujaygr commented Jun 21, 2017

Hi Stew, I have a quick question here. Can you please shed some light on below 2 settings, I think they are conflicting with each other?




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@jgstew jgstew commented Jul 25, 2017

@Sujaygr those 2 settings are unrelated. _BESClient_Query_SleepTime and _BESClient_Query_WorkTime are used to determine how much effective CPU usage the client will use when it gets a "FastQuery" relevance evaluation request. These are very rare and meant to be completed quickly, so I set the CPU usage much higher than the default. These evals time out after 60 seconds if they don't complete fast enough, and this is never used unless you actually send a client a FastQuery.

_BESClient_Resource_AccelerateForPendingMessage=1 should tell the client that if it is not in the idle state, like it is processing an action, then it shouldn't switch back into the idle state until it deals with the incoming message. This would cause the Client that is actively doing work to stay a bit more active a bit longer than normal. This can be a big help when trying to speed up initial client provisioning.

It is very possible to have more aggressive settings for the defaults using the clientsettings.cfg file and then tune them to be lower after the client has been installed for a period of time: (example: 3 days)

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