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jhandel / Invoke-ScriptBlockAsUser.ps1
Created Jul 5, 2016
Run a script block as creds passed in.
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function Invoke-ScriptBlockAsUser{
param( [ScriptBlock] $scriptBlock,
$logonUserSignature =
[DllImport("advapi32.dll", SetLastError = true)]
jhandel / knockout.d.ts
Created Oct 4, 2012
Knockout JS Decleration file for Typescript (just a starter mind ya)
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//Interface started from
interface ObservableNumber {
(newValue: number): ObservableNumber; // Set the value of the observable
(): number; // Get the value of the observable
subscribe: (newValue: number) => void; // Subscribe to get informed when the observable changes
valueHasMutated(): void;
valueWillMutate(): void;