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Welcome to the SF Dev/Admin Community. This room is an unofficial resource operated and maintained by SF
22:37 <@apothecary> best sf joke I've heard:
22:38 <@apothecary> "the bat signal was the first instance of cloud-based push notification"
22:38 <@apothecary> paraphrased poorly
22:38 < deafferret> haha
22:43 < deafferret> apothecary: have a twitter acccount so I can credit you? :)
22:50 < deafferret> apothecary: too slow ;)
22:54 <@apothecary> haha
22:54 <@apothecary> it's not my joke
22:54 <@apothecary> I read it on salesforcegirl's twitter
[23:11] [deafferret(+i)] [19:freenode/#salesforce(+cnt)] [Act: 2,10,14,30,31,40,41,42,50,54,55]
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