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name ring quadrant isNew description
Datadog Trial TRUE
Buf Assess TRUE <p>Bla bla it has proven to be ask the Frontend Platform team</p>
Mocha Hold TRUE
Jest Adopt TRUE <p>Bla bla it has proven to be ask the Frontend Platform team</p>
Go Adopt TRUE
Typescript Adopt TRUE
Buildkite Adopt TRUE
GitHub Actions TRUE
~/work/sourcegraph jh/yarn-sleep $ gopls -rpc.trace -v check enterprise/cmd/frontend/internal/codeintel/init.go
2022/01/20 15:03:22 Info:2022/01/20 15:03:22 go env for /Users/tech/work/sourcegraph
(root /Users/tech/work/sourcegraph)
(go version go version go1.17.5 darwin/arm64)
(valid build configuration = true)
(build flags: [])
jhchabran / trace
Last active May 23, 2021 16:49
gorelease -base="v0.10.0" -version="v0.11.0" | tee changelog.txt
Incompatible changes:
- (*Transaction).AddField, method set of *Tx: removed
- (*Transaction).AddField, method set of Tx: removed
- (*Transaction).CreateIndex: changed from func( error to func(* error
- (*Transaction).ListIndexes: changed from func() ([]*, error) to func() []string
Compatible changes:
- (*Transaction).AddFieldConstraint: added
jhchabran /
Last active April 20, 2018 14:08
Heetch Stars & Articles #1
jhchabran / 1_google_map.cljs
Last active February 13, 2019 12:00
Google Map component, with reagent and reframe. Questions asked on Clojurians #re-frame's channel.
; Following code is WRONG, see comments for details.
(defn google-map []
(let [pos (subscribe [:current-position])]
(fn []
[:h4 "Map"]
[:div#map-canvas {:style {:height "400px"}}]])
jhchabran / colors_overrides.json
Created March 30, 2015 16:39
Solarized color overrides for Chrome Shell extension, don't know where I found this
jhchabran /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:04
Rails + ClojureScript
  • Drop project.clj in Rails root
  • copy _clojurescript.html.erb into /app/views/shared/
  • update your layout according to application.html.erb
  • replace project-name by your project name
  • run the following:
lein cljsbuild auto &
bundle exec rails s
jhchabran /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:01
  • Talisker 57 North
  • Linkwood 20 years anniversary (can't find the bottle anywhere)