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The Challenge
Given the following riddle, write a regular expression describing all possible answers,
assuming you never make a move which simply undoes the last one you made.
The Riddle
You are on your way somewhere, taking with you your cabbage, goat, and wolf, as always.
You come upon a river and are compelled to cross it, but you can only carry one of the
three companions at a time. None of them can swim because this isn't THAT kind of riddle.
salimane / gist:8958411
Last active Aug 29, 2015
ruby slow regex match
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salimane at Salimanes-MacBook-Pro in ~
⚛ ruby --version
ruby 2.1.0p0 (2013-12-25 revision 44422) [x86_64-darwin13.0]
salimane at Salimanes-MacBook-Pro in ~
⚛ cat regex.rb
regex = %r{^(https?:\/\/)?([\da-z\.-]+)\.([a-z\.]{2,6})([\/\w \.-]*)*\/?$}
link = ""
puts link =~ regex

Building Impala

  • Version: cdh5-2.0_5.2.0
  • OS: Archlinux 3.17.2-1-ARCH x86_64
  • gcc version 4.9.2

Berkeley DB version >= 5

girasquid /
Created Sep 24, 2011 — forked from kylefox/
Automated setup for a Ubuntu server with git, ruby, rvm, nginx.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# ----------------------------------------------------
# Automated setup for a Ubuntu server with git, ruby, rvm, nginx.
# (Used at Carbonmade)
# Usage:
# - SCP this file to your server: scp you@server:~
# - Make it executable: chmod +x
# - Run it: bash
ogrodnek / gist:2933779
Created Jun 15, 2012
AWS Billing hive schema
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create external table aws_billing(
InvoiceId string,
PayerAccountId string,
LinkedAccountId string,
RecordType string,
RecordID int,
BillingPeriodStartDate string,
BillingPeriodEndDate string,
InvoiceDate string,
PayerAccountName string,
trustin / fontfix.patch
Last active Nov 30, 2015
OpenJDK 7 font rendering patch for Linux (cd openjdk/jdk; patch -p1 < fontfix.patch)
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diff -r 19cc3b567644 make/sun/font/Makefile
--- a/make/sun/font/Makefile Wed Jan 22 12:34:24 2014 -0800
+++ b/make/sun/font/Makefile Fri Jan 24 21:41:23 2014 +0900
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@
ifeq ($(USING_SYSTEM_FT_LIB), false)
+ OTHER_LDLIBS += -L$(FREETYPE_LIB_PATH) -lfreetype -lfontconfig
sj26 / assets.rake
Last active Dec 12, 2015
Don't discard cache during asset precompile. Full explanation and caveats:
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# Stick this in lib/tasks/assets.rake or similar
# A bug was introduced in rails in 7f1a666d causing the whole application cache
# to be cleared everytime a precompile is run, but it is not neccesary and just
# slows down precompiling.
# Secondary consequences are the clearing of the whole cache, which if using
# the default file cache could cause an application level performance hit.
# This is already fixed in sprockets-rails for rails 4, but we patch here for
# The author of the original script is unknown to me. The first entry I can
# find was posted at 2010-03-21 09:50:09 on Arch Linux Forums (doesn't mean the
# poster is the author at all):
# I, Yu-Jie Lin, made a few changes and additions:
# -p, -t, -R, and -C
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<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="dist/html5shiv.js"></script>
# Install genymotion
# Install Android SDK
# Download Genymotion-ARM-Translation v1.1
# Google it
# Genymotion:
# Using Google Nexus 7 - 4.3 - API 18 VM