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Creating nested resources in ruby on rails 3 and updating scaffolding links and redirection
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jgjerset commented Nov 19, 2013

Rails noob and had been trying to figure this out for hours. Your tutorial helped me tremendously. Thanks.

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dmakhmutov commented Nov 21, 2013

good tutorial. thanks

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valdemarua commented Nov 22, 2013

Good tutorial. Thank you.

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oskarlakner commented Dec 19, 2013

Very helpful, thank you!

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nguyenj commented Jan 3, 2014

This is great, can you also provide an update to Rails 4?

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nslindtner commented Jan 11, 2014

Nice gist. Perhaps you want to add the change to config/routes.rb files, made after adding the relation between models:

resources :parents do
resources :children

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sangwonl commented Jan 22, 2014

Great tutorial, indeed! I've struggled how to start from scaffolding.. (It's confusing to me..) Good stuff to learn!

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ThomasBush commented Jan 24, 2014

Hey I recently had a polymorphic association where I used this. In my case blocks(child) - products(parent) and blocks(child) - technologies(parent) were the associations. Products and technologies (and any number of other models) are parents and each have blocks as a child. Your view templates can't hard code just one model as shown in the example:

<%= link_to 'Edit', edit_parent_child_path(@parent, @child) %>

Instead I change controller code that populates the @parent variable so it can be dynamic depending on the parent model. Than in the controller index and show actions to can use:

resource, id = request.path.split('/')[1, 2]
parent_model = resource.singularize.classify.constantize
@parent = parent_model.find(id)

In routes.rb this would look like:

resources :products do
    resources :blocks

resources :technologies do
     resources :blocks

Thought maybe this could help someone else so I wanted to share.

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helixtesting commented Jan 30, 2014

awesome article.

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codemonkey3045 commented Feb 26, 2014

This is amazing! I've been stuck on this all day. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! =D

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wangguoqin1001 commented Apr 1, 2014

Why hasn't there been a way to "rails g scaffold" a nested resource directly (or has there been one already)?

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Tasha25 commented May 27, 2014

How did you create this gist? I want to create steps to the various apps I build.

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christianrojas commented Jun 4, 2014

Awesome! thanks

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trooney commented Aug 5, 2014


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gtheys commented Oct 22, 2014

$ rails generate scaffold account name:string
$ rails g scaffold campaign name:string account:belongs_to

Can be used to create the relations

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chaz1505 commented Mar 24, 2015

great tutorial thanks

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ricardocastaneda commented Jun 23, 2015

I set myself into the large list of grateful people for this very well explained tutorial. Thanks also to those people from comments who shared code.

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lortza commented Nov 18, 2015

Beautiful work. Thank you!

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khatchad commented Mar 9, 2016

@nguyenj Any luck with rails 4?

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khatchad commented Mar 18, 2016

@nslindtner This fork has the part about the routes.rb changes.

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EricLondon commented Jun 6, 2016

name: Eric, parent: Paul, sounds a lot like my family. Thanks for the credit.

Here's the original blog post :)

Internet pro tip: when you copy someone's post, you should cite the source.

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DivyaChouhan commented Jul 15, 2016

Very well explained tutorial. It helps a lot. Thanx...

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mices commented Apr 3, 2017

You don't say what to put for else if validations cause return to form instead of save

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