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Created August 6, 2012 07:40
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Git diff 比较不同版本的差异

Git 比较不同版本文件差异的常用命令格式:

git diff                                       查看尚未暂存的文件更新了哪些部分

git diff filename 查看尚未暂存的某个文件更新了哪些

git diff –cached                    查看已经暂存起来的文件和上次提交的版本之间的差异

git diff –cached filename 查看已经暂存起来的某个文件和上次提交的版本之间的差异

git diff ffd98b291e0caa6c33575c1ef465eae661ce40c9 b8e7b00c02b95b320f14b625663fdecf2d63e74c 查看某两个版本之间的差异

git diff ffd98b291e0caa6c33575c1ef465eae661ce40c9:filename b8e7b00c02b95b320f14b625663fdecf2d63e74c:filename 查看某两个版本的某个文件之间的差异
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