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𝑸: How can I sort an inner array of an object? How can I sort all the arrays in a JSON entity? How can I modify a deeply nested array?
A: If the path to the inner entity is known, one can use |= as illustrated here:
{"array": [3,1,2] }
| .array |= sort
To sort all arrays in a JSON entity, no matter where they occur, one option is to use walk/1:
walk( if type == "array" then sort else . end )
jhmartin / gist:481c713435985aa473f595cf1db40e09
Last active Aug 7, 2019
Generate Cloudformation command from stack
View gist:481c713435985aa473f595cf1db40e09
aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name STACKNAMEHERE --output=text|grep -i PARAMETERS | awk '{print "ParameterKey=" $2 ",ParameterValue=" $3 " \\"}'
jhmartin / createpoints.rb
Last active Aug 19, 2018
DNS LB Test compose
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Input is an ip address. Map it to a position in a list.
linecount=0"\n").each do |a|
if (! indexes.has_key?(a))
jhmartin /
Created Jul 18, 2018
Davinci Resolve Close-Captions SRT to Youtube SRT converter
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
while (<STDIN>) {
if (/^\s*$/) {
if (/^\d+$/) {
View gist:c2b3447f9ddbf7c972e5afd3d4853340
input {
lumberjack {
port => 5043
type => "squid"
ssl_certificate => "/home/ec2-user/logstash-forwarder/logstash-forwarder.crt"
ssl_key => "/home/ec2-user/logstash-forwarder/logstash-forwarder.key"
udp {
jhmartin / gist:d3f72246881a07c3d7efe0e14e8fd3c0
Last active Jul 5, 2018
Pull recent CW stats for pasting
View gist:d3f72246881a07c3d7efe0e14e8fd3c0
# Fetch 2-3 minutes in the past as current data isnt there yet
NOWDATE=$(date -v-2M -u +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")
LASTDATE=$(date -v-3M -u +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")
#-start-time 2014-04-08T23:18:00Z --end-time 2014-04-09T23:18:00Z --period 3600 --namespace AWS/EC2 --statistics Maximum --dimensions Name=InstanceId,Value=i-abcdef
export AWS_PROFILE=jmtdlcw
UTILSLATENCY=$(aws cloudwatch get-metric-statistics --start-time $LASTDATE --end-time $NOWDATE --metric-name Latency --period 60 --namespace AWS/ELB --statistic Average --dimensions Name=LoadBalancerName,Value=abc-prod-utilsapi|jq .Datapoints[0].Average)
jhmartin / nod10.xml
Created Nov 20, 2017
Zooz ZSE40 Openhab XML
View nod10.xml
#!/bin/bash -e
# Setup a Root CA in vault
# Generate and sign an Intermediate cert
# Requires:
# * A running vault server already initialzed and unsealed
# * Environment variable VAULT_TOKEN is set
# * vault cli (
# * httpie (
jhmartin / gist:c669c902c59d2dc33741d42b4e20fbf7
Created Jan 23, 2017
How to use cross-account roles in AWS RUby SDK
View gist:c669c902c59d2dc33741d42b4e20fbf7
require 'aws-sdk'
role_credentials =
role_arn: "arn:aws:iam::123:role/cross-account-role",
role_session_name: ENV['USER'],
serial_number: "arn:aws:iam::123:mfa/usernamehere",
token_code: ARGV[0]
View gist:945066c5d17ba504b1814bb312198384
Description=Var Lib Expansion Mount
RequiredBy =
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