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event_name event_parameter_key event_parameter_value
button_click campaign string
button_click content string
button_click debug_mode int
button_click engaged_session_event int
button_click engagement_time_msec int
button_click event_action string
button_click event_category string
button_click event_label string
button_click ga_session_id int
button_click ga_session_number int
button_click medium string
button_click non_interaction string
button_click origin string
button_click page_location string
button_click page_referrer string
button_click page_title string
button_click session_engaged string
button_click source string
button_click tagmanager string
button_click term string
click campaign string
click content string
click debug_mode int
click engaged_session_event int
click engagement_time_msec int
click ga_session_id int
click ga_session_number int
click link_classes string
click link_domain string
click link_url string
click medium string
click outbound string
click page_location string
click page_referrer string
click page_title string
click session_engaged string
click source string
click term string
file_download campaign string
file_download engaged_session_event int
file_download engagement_time_msec int
file_download file_extension string
file_download file_name string
file_download ga_session_id int
file_download ga_session_number int
file_download link_text string
file_download link_url string
file_download medium string
file_download page_location string
file_download page_referrer string
file_download page_title string
file_download session_engaged string
file_download source string
first_visit engaged_session_event int
first_visit ga_session_id int
first_visit ga_session_number int
first_visit page_location string
first_visit page_referrer string
first_visit page_title string
first_visit session_engaged int
generate_lead campaign string
generate_lead engaged_session_event int
generate_lead engagement_time_msec int
generate_lead event_label string
generate_lead ga_session_id int
generate_lead ga_session_number int
generate_lead leadType string
generate_lead medium string
generate_lead non_interaction string
generate_lead origin string
generate_lead page_location string
generate_lead page_referrer string
generate_lead page_title string
generate_lead session_engaged string
generate_lead source string
generate_lead tagmanager string
generate_lead term string
generate_lead vacancy string
link_click campaign string
link_click content string
link_click debug_mode int
link_click engaged_session_event int
link_click engagement_time_msec int
link_click event_action string
link_click event_action int
link_click event_category string
link_click event_label string
link_click ga_session_id int
link_click ga_session_number int
link_click gclid string
link_click medium string
link_click non_interaction string
link_click origin string
link_click page_location string
link_click page_referrer string
link_click page_title string
link_click session_engaged string
link_click source string
link_click tagmanager string
link_click term string
page_view article string
page_view author_name string
page_view campaign string
page_view content string
page_view debug_mode int
page_view engaged_session_event int
page_view engagement_time_msec int
page_view entrances int
page_view ga_session_id int
page_view ga_session_number int
page_view gclid string
page_view medium string
page_view origin string
page_view pageType string
page_view page_location string
page_view page_referrer string
page_view page_title string
page_view section string
page_view session_engaged string
page_view source string
page_view specialism string
page_view term string
page_view wordCount int
page_view wordCountRange string
pop_up_events campaign string
pop_up_events engaged_session_event int
pop_up_events engagement_time_msec int
pop_up_events event_action string
pop_up_events event_category string
pop_up_events ga_session_id int
pop_up_events ga_session_number int
pop_up_events medium string
pop_up_events non_interaction string
pop_up_events origin string
pop_up_events page_location string
pop_up_events page_referrer string
pop_up_events page_title string
pop_up_events session_engaged string
pop_up_events source string
pop_up_events tagmanager string
pop_up_events term string
scroll campaign string
scroll content string
scroll debug_mode int
scroll engaged_session_event int
scroll engagement_time_msec int
scroll ga_session_id int
scroll ga_session_number int
scroll gclid string
scroll medium string
scroll page_location string
scroll page_referrer string
scroll page_title string
scroll percent_scrolled int
scroll session_engaged string
scroll source string
scroll term string
search campaign string
search debug_mode int
search engaged_session_event int
search engagement_time_msec int
search ga_session_id int
search ga_session_number int
search medium string
search non_interaction string
search origin string
search page_location string
search page_referrer string
search page_title string
search search_term string
search session_engaged string
search source string
search tagmanager string
session_start engaged_session_event int
session_start ga_session_id int
session_start ga_session_number int
session_start page_location string
session_start page_referrer string
session_start page_title string
session_start session_engaged int
user_engagement campaign string
user_engagement content string
user_engagement debug_mode int
user_engagement engaged_session_event int
user_engagement engagement_time_msec int
user_engagement ga_session_id int
user_engagement ga_session_number int
user_engagement gclid string
user_engagement medium string
user_engagement origin string
user_engagement page_location string
user_engagement page_referrer string
user_engagement page_title string
user_engagement session_engaged string
user_engagement source string
user_engagement term string
video_complete campaign string
video_complete debug_mode int
video_complete engaged_session_event int
video_complete engagement_time_msec int
video_complete ga_session_id int
video_complete ga_session_number int
video_complete medium string
video_complete page_location string
video_complete page_referrer string
video_complete page_title string
video_complete session_engaged string
video_complete source string
video_complete video_current_time int
video_complete video_duration int
video_complete video_percent int
video_complete video_provider string
video_complete video_title string
video_complete video_url string
video_complete visible string
video_duration campaign string
video_duration debug_mode int
video_duration engaged_session_event int
video_duration engagement_time_msec int
video_duration event_action string
video_duration event_category string
video_duration event_label string
video_duration ga_session_id int
video_duration ga_session_number int
video_duration gclid string
video_duration medium string
video_duration non_interaction string
video_duration origin string
video_duration page_location string
video_duration page_referrer string
video_duration page_title string
video_duration session_engaged string
video_duration source string
video_duration tagmanager string
video_duration term string
video_interaction campaign string
video_interaction debug_mode int
video_interaction engaged_session_event int
video_interaction engagement_time_msec int
video_interaction event_action string
video_interaction event_category string
video_interaction event_label string
video_interaction ga_session_id int
video_interaction ga_session_number int
video_interaction gclid string
video_interaction medium string
video_interaction non_interaction string
video_interaction origin string
video_interaction page_location string
video_interaction page_referrer string
video_interaction page_title string
video_interaction session_engaged string
video_interaction source string
video_interaction tagmanager string
video_interaction term string
video_progress campaign string
video_progress debug_mode int
video_progress engaged_session_event int
video_progress engagement_time_msec int
video_progress ga_session_id int
video_progress ga_session_number int
video_progress gclid string
video_progress medium string
video_progress page_location string
video_progress page_referrer string
video_progress page_title string
video_progress session_engaged string
video_progress source string
video_progress term string
video_progress video_current_time int
video_progress video_duration int
video_progress video_percent int
video_progress video_provider string
video_progress video_title string
video_progress video_url string
video_progress visible string
video_start campaign string
video_start debug_mode int
video_start engaged_session_event int
video_start engagement_time_msec int
video_start ga_session_id int
video_start ga_session_number int
video_start gclid string
video_start medium string
video_start page_location string
video_start page_referrer string
video_start page_title string
video_start session_engaged string
video_start source string
video_start term string
video_start video_current_time int
video_start video_duration int
video_start video_percent int
video_start video_provider string
video_start video_title string
video_start video_url string
video_start visible string
view_search_results campaign string
view_search_results debug_mode int
view_search_results engaged_session_event int
view_search_results engagement_time_msec int
view_search_results ga_session_id int
view_search_results ga_session_number int
view_search_results medium string
view_search_results page_location string
view_search_results page_referrer string
view_search_results page_title string
view_search_results search_term string
view_search_results search_term int
view_search_results session_engaged string
view_search_results source string
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