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Tweak SafeLinksPolicy for Teams Room Devices
# Get your active SafeLinks Policy/Policies
Get-SafeLinksPolicy | Where-Object -FilterScript {
$_.IsEnabled -eq $true
} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Identity
# I use the default policy in this example
$SafeLinksPolicyIdentity = 'Recommended safe links policy'
# A list of URLs to exclude from rewriting
$DoNotRewriteUrls = @(
# I use the default policy in this example
Set-SafeLinksPolicy -Identity $SafeLinksPolicyIdentity -DoNotRewriteUrls $DoNotRewriteUrls
The WhiteListedUrls and ExcludedUrls parameters are deprecated
Only use the DoNotRewriteUrls parameter
# Remove all URLs from the SafeLinks Policy/Policies
$DoNotRewriteUrls = @()
Set-SafeLinksPolicy -Identity $SafeLinksPolicyIdentity -DoNotRewriteUrls $DoNotRewriteUrls
# Apply my recommended settings to the policy/policies
$paramSetSafeLinksPolicy = @{
Identity = $SafeLinksPolicyIdentity
DoNotTrackUserClicks = $false
DoNotAllowClickThrough = $true
ScanUrls = $true
EnableForInternalSenders = $true
DeliverMessageAfterScan = $true
Set-SafeLinksPolicy @paramSetSafeLinksPolicy
Identity = The Identity parameter specifies the Safe Links policy that you want to modify
DoNotTrackUserClicks = Track user clicks related to links in email messages and Microsoft Teams
DoNotAllowClickThrough = Disallow users to click through to the original URL
ScanUrls = Enable real-time scanning of links in email messages
EnableForInternalSenders = The policy is applied to internal and external senders
DeliverMessageAfterScan = Wait until Safe Links scanning is complete before delivering the message
# This is fine, no panic:
# WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings of 'Recommended safe links policy' have been modified.
# Do this for all your Teams Room Devices that should except external invitations
Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity '<Your Device here>' -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages $true
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