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Last active August 29, 2015 14:08
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SmartTarget JSP tags example for SmartTarget 2014
<smarttarget:query siteEditTagName="span" publication="tcm:0-72-1">
<smarttarget:promotions region="Homepage Banners" var="promotion" maxItems="1">
<!-- Start Promotion: { "PromotionID": "${item.promotionID}", "RegionID" : "${item.region}"} -->
<tridion:ComponentPresentation pageURI="tcm:72-6212-64" componentURI="${item.componentUri}" templateURI="${item.templateUri}"/>
<!-- End Promotion -->
<tridion:ComponentPresentation pageURI="tcm:72-6212-64" componentURI="tcm:72-6196" templateURI="tcm:72-6322-32"/>
<tridion:ComponentPresentation pageURI="tcm:72-6212-64" componentURI="tcm:72-6197" templateURI="tcm:72-6322-32"/>
<tridion:ComponentPresentation pageURI="tcm:72-6212-64" componentURI="tcm:72-6198" templateURI="tcm:72-6322-32"/>
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