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# see
# see to learn more about configuring the Tridion-CoreService module
# Install the Tridion-CoreService module from the Tridion-Powershell-Modules project
Install-Module -Name Tridion-CoreService
Import-Module -Name Tridion-CoreService
# Set the server configuration
Set-TridionCoreServiceSettings -Credential (Get-Credential) -CredentialType Windows
Set-TridionCoreServiceSettings -HostName my-cms-server -Version Web-8.5 -ConnectionType Basic-SSL
# Test configuration by listing the current user
Get-TridionUser -Current
#List all system/built-in/predefined users
$client = Get-TridionCoreServiceClient
$filter = New-Object Tridion.ContentManager.CoreService.Client.UsersFilterData;
$filter.IsPredefined = $true;
$client.GetSystemWideList($filter) | Select-Object Id, Title, Description, IsPredefined, IsEnabled
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