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Hide LinkedIn Ads - Adblock Filters
! Title: Hide LinkedIn Ads
! Last modified: 19 Sep 2019
! Expires: 20 days (update frequency)
! Homepage:
! Source:
! Licence:
! Ad Banner
! Navigation - Try Premium for Free
! Homepage T - Like article / Like and comment
! Homepage Feed - People like you are watching
! Homepage Feed - Is now following
! Homepage Feed - People in your network have new connections
! Homepage Feed - Sponsored Updates
! Homepage Feed - Reconnect with your colleagues
! Homepage Feed - Influencers / Recommended
! Homepage Feed - Now Following
! Homepage Feed - Joined group
! Homepage Feed - Pulse
! Homepage Feed - Jobs recommended for you
! Homepage Feed - People You May Know
! Homepage Sidebar - People You May Know
! Homepage Sidebar - You Recently Visited
! Homepage Sidebar - Your LinkedIn Network
! Homepage Sidebar - Jobs You May Be Interested In
! Homepage Sidebar - Companies You May Want To Follow
! Homepage Sidebar - Groups You May Like
! Homepage Sidebar - Ads
! Homepage Sidebar - Upsell
! Homepage Sidebar - Notify your network?
! Homepage Sidebar - Add new skills with these courses
! View Profile - People also viewed
! People You May Know - Hide non-members LI.card.guest
! Sidebar - Footer
! Sidebar - How You’re Connected - Upgrade
! Upsell Premium
! Upsell Company Insights
! Jobs - See jobs where you'd be a top applicant
! Jobs - Get ahead with Premium Career
! Let recruiters know that you're open to new opportunities
! Get ahead with Job Seeker Premium
! Privately tell recruiters you are open to new opportunities
! Get ahead with Job Seeker Premium
! See how you compare to the competition
! Try Premium for free
! People You May Know - Invite Your Contacts
! Remove further sponsored[class*='--is-sponsored']
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brad2192 commented Sep 7, 2017

Thank you my good friend!

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theandychung commented Mar 14, 2018

btw you could add things like names or keep your list updated by adding these lines:
[Adblock Plus 2.0]
! Version: 20180314
! Title: LinkedinFilterList
! Last modified:
! Expires: 14 days (update frequency)
! Homepage:

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IdanBanani commented Dec 24, 2018

doesn't work for me at all (chrome) any ideas?

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RaphCa commented May 14, 2019

Thank you, @jhult


doesn't work for me at all (chrome) any ideas?

It worked out well for me on Chrome after taking this additional configuration step. Go to the AdblockPlus Settings / "Advanced" tab / "filter lists" section. Remove the filter "Allow nonintrusive advertising".

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alexpierrot commented Sep 13, 2020

Thanks a lot for this!
Anyway to block promoted posts?

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alexpierrot commented Sep 13, 2020

These work:, got them from[src=”about:blank”]

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glossner commented Oct 1, 2020

To remove likes in feed:> .feed-shared-header:-abp-contains(/likes this/i))

works well in ublock origin. Not so well in adblock plus

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