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PS C:\Users\64478\Documents\GitHub\nextest> cargo nextest run --all-features
Finished test [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.50s
Starting 209 tests across 14 binaries
PASS [ 0.142s] cargo-nextest dispatch::tests::test_test_binary_argument_parsing
PASS [ 0.079s] nextest-filtering parsing::tests::test_complex_error
PASS [ 0.074s] nextest-filtering parsing::tests::test_expected_eof
PASS [ 0.066s] nextest-filtering parsing::tests::test_expected_expr
PASS [ 0.058s] nextest-filtering parsing::tests::test_invalid_platform
PASS [ 0.044s] nextest-filtering parsing::tests::test_invalid_regex
PASS [ 0.029s] nextest-filtering parsing::tests::test_missing_close_parentheses