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const EOL = require('os').EOL;
const reCommentContents = /\/\*([\s\S]*?)\*\//;
// Node wraps modules in a function so we can't use the native .isToplevel() method
const reTopLevel = /function \(exports, require/;
const multiline = () => {
const _ = Error.prepareStackTrace;
Error.prepareStackTrace = (_, stack) => stack;
const stack = new Error().stack.slice(1);
Error.prepareStackTrace = _;
const frame = stack[0];
let fnString = arguments.callee.toString();
// let fnString = frame.getFunction().toString();
if (reTopLevel.test(fnString)) {
// When it's top level we need to remove everything
// before the function so we don't match the wrong comment
fnString = fnString.split(EOL)
.slice(frame.getLineNumber() - 1).join(EOL)
.slice(frame.getColumnNumber() - 1);
return fnString.match(reCommentContents)[1];
const SQL = multiline(/*
SELECT `name`, `privilege`
FROM `user`
const HTML = multiline(/*
<!doctype html>
<h1>Hello world!</h1>
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