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Created April 6, 2016 14:54
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Comparing clone and build time between native Windows and Linux VM


These are timings for cloning the squash repository including submodules, running CMake to generate makefiles, and building the project in debug mode.

All toolsets run on the same machine (Core i5, 8 GB, Win10 64):

  • Win Native - Git for Windows, CMake, and MinGW-w64 running in Cmder
  • MSYS2 - The MSYS2 compiles of these tools running in the bash it comes with
  • Linux Mint VM - Linux Mint running in VMware on the same machine

The Linux Mint VM runs older version of the tools, so the timings are not directly comparable for the build, but I believe they give a good indication.

Time for running git clone --recursive

System Time
Win Native 3m45s
MSYS2 4m24s
Linux Mint VM 1m57s

Time for running cmake

System Time
Win Native 4m6s
MSYS2 4m9s
Linux Mint VM 25s

Time for running make

System Time
Win Native 4m53s
MSYS2 3m43s
Linux Mint VM 2m9s
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