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Created Nov 15, 2015
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Bubble sort in 16 bytes of x86 assembly language
;; The "worlds smallest" bubble sort (16 bytes)
;; Copyright (c) 1998 by Joergen Ibsen / Jibz
;; All Rights Reserved
bits 32
section .text
; enter: edi -> array
; ecx = #elements - 1
; exit: edi -> array
; ecx = 0
; modify: ecx
pusha ; save edi and ecx
mov esi, edi
cmp eax, [esi] ; do we need to swap?
jge short .order_ok
xchg eax, [esi] ; if so, this is first step
stosd ; second step, or just write back eax
loop .innerloop
popa ; pop edi and ecx
loop .outerloop ; ecx is used for both loops
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