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Created October 17, 2012 00:56
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A bookmarklet that tries to open the current page in nbviewer. White space has been trimmed for brevity. To use make a new bookmark and copy the code below into the URL field.
javascript:date=new Date();
if (^https?:\/\/gist\.github\.com\/[0-9]+$/) !== -1) {
gist = location.href.match(/^https?:\/\/gist\.github\.com\/([0-9]+)$/);
url = url_root + gist[1];
} else if (^https:\/\/.*\.ipynb$/) !== -1) {
path = location.href.match(/^https:\/\/(.*\.ipynb)$/);
url = url_root + 'urls/' + path[1];
} else if (^http:\/\/.*\.ipynb$/) !== -1) {
path = location.href.match(/^http:\/\/(.*\.ipynb)$/);
url = url_root + 'url/' + path[1];}
if (url) {
void(, 'nbviewer' + date.getTime()));}
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