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Last active Dec 3, 2021
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version: 1.0
setting: |-
fast_return = ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Macro::FastReturn
guruguru = ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Mode::Guruguru
install_macro_plugin fast_return
install_macro_plugin ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Macro::JumpToUpKey
install_macro_plugin ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Macro::JumpToRightKey
install_macro_plugin ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Macro::JumpToLeftKey
install_mode_plugin guruguru
prefix_keys_for_changing_layer [:zr, :zl, :l]
set_neutral_position 2100, 2000
layer :up, mode: :manual do
flip :zr, if_pressed: :zr, force_neutral: :zl
flip :zl, if_pressed: [:y, :b, :zl]
flip :a, if_pressed: [:a]
flip :down, if_pressed: :down
# disable [:up]
macro, if_pressed: [:y, :b, :down]
macro ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Macro::JumpToUpKey, if_pressed: [:y, :b, :up]
macro ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Macro::JumpToRightKey, if_pressed: [:y, :b, :right]
macro ProconBypassMan::Splatoon2::Macro::JumpToLeftKey, if_pressed: [:y, :b, :left]
remap :l, to: :zr
left_analog_stick_cap cap: 1100, if_pressed: [:zl, :a], force_neutral: :a
layer :right, mode:
layer :left do
# flip :zr, if_pressed: :zr, force_neutral: :zl
remap :l, to: :zr
layer :down do
# flip :zl
# flip :zr, if_pressed: :zr, force_neutral: :zl, flip_interval: "1F"
remap :l, to: :zr
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