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Tech test for Design Team

Imagine that...

We’ve launched a new product. Even if it is easy-to-use, we have decided to create a documentation website very similar to the one that we have in

This technical test will require you to build a very simple application that will work as explained in this interactive mockup. You should just implement the interactivity you see on that link (click the screen to see interactivity hotspots) but of course you can always go further and surprise us with some fanciness. You can download the sketch file.

Here are some tips to help you with the exercise:

  • Don’t focus in the content. Use Lorem Ipsum if you want to, but don’t waste time on it.
  • On that topic, think about how you can make it easier for non-technical people to add new content to the site.
  • Use Jekyll, Express.js or any other framework that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Focus on details, we love details, designers love details.
  • We might try your website in mobile (wink, wink).
  • Even if the technical test is short, think on how things would scale and evolve with time when coding your CSS.
  • You can use SCSS if you want to.
  • Create a file explainning how to install the development environment.

This test will take around 8 hours from your time, please when finished:

  • Send us the link to your repository.
  • Feel free to reach to us anytime (through while doing the exercise. We like people who ask for help rather than people that gets stuck forever.
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