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Example jQuery plugin written in CoffeeScript, and the resulting compiled JavaScript file.
myplugin: (options) ->
self = $.fn.myplugin
opts = $.extend {}, self.default_options, options
$(this).each (i, el) ->
self.init el, opts
self.log el if opts.log
$.extend $.fn.myplugin,
color: 'red'
log: true
init: (el, opts) ->
this.color el, opts
color: (el, opts) ->
$(el).css('color', opts.color)
log: (msg) ->
console.log msg
(function() {
myplugin: function(options) {
var opts, self;
self = $.fn.myplugin;
opts = $.extend({}, self.default_options, options);
return $(this).each(function(i, el) {
self.init(el, opts);
if (opts.log) {
return self.log(el);
$.extend($.fn.myplugin, {
default_options: {
color: 'red',
log: true
init: function(el, opts) {
return this.color(el, opts);
color: function(el, opts) {
return $(el).css('color', opts.color);
log: function(msg) {
return console.log(msg);
$ ->
(function() {
$(function() {
return $('#world').myplugin();

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@shouichi shouichi commented Jul 10, 2011

Nice work!

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