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check if a file is text based on its content
// detect if a text file, like Perl's stat(file); if(-T) ...,'r',function(err, fd){
if(err) return;
var len = 100;
var buf = new Buffer(len);
var re = /[.a-z0-9(){}\[\]? "':;<>?\s\n\r\t "':;#@~$%*<>.,_=+-]/ig;,buf,0,len,0,function(err,num,buf){
if(err || num < 1) return;
var str = buf.toString('utf-8',0,num);
// do we have enough of the types of characters typical of a text file?
var charCount = (str.match(re) || []).length;
if(charCount/num > 0.6){
// probably a text file
if(err) return;
var results = data.match(;
console.log('found in (', (charCount/num), ')',file,results.length);
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