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Last active May 7, 2018
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2018 Resume


User-focused, front-end developer with a passion for building responsive, nimble, and accessible web interfaces. Contributor and maintainer of Open Source projects, including scrollNav.js, a JavaScript plugin with thousands of installations. Having worked remotely for the past six years, plus ten years as an independent carpenter prior to that, I understand how to be accountable and deliver on schedule. I'm currently seeking full-time opportunities that put users first, appreciate quality code practices, and encourage regular contributions to Open Source and skill development.


Technology and Information Fellow - Design & Development

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau | 2015-Current

Front-end developer and multimedia assistant responsible for building financial tools and information for the American public as well as the internal tools that drive it. In addition to regular work projects, contributions include improving the development team's best practices and authoring guides on Code Reviews, Atomic Design, and Browser Support.


  • (Current) | GitHub
    • Core member of the development team responsible for a major redesign and successful re-launch of the Bureau's public facing website.
    • Continued front-end improvements to the website as well as individual projects such as Scrum Master and front-end developer of Money as You Grow
    • Developed an Open Source and 508 complaint typeahead multi-select component.
  • Capital Framework (Current) and Design Manual (Current) | Github
    • Lead the foundational upgrade of the Bureau's design system to modular components, creating a single design language, reducing duplicate code, and improving performance.
    • Lead an icon upgrade of both the Bureau's design system and the dependent projects from an icon font to SVG icons improving accessibility and performance.
    • Improved Continuous Integration with updates to the unit tests and release scripts

Front-end Developer

Consumer Media Network (now | 2012-2015

Responsible for building, releasing, and maintaining the company's top web assets. I brought modern tools and workflows to the development team including introducing Sass, Git, Responsive Design principles and improved workflows. Created multiple reusable modules within the company and released two as Open Source (scrollNav.js and Genesis Evolution).


  • (2014)
    • Informational website providing advice to visitors interested in careers in Medical Billing and Coding.
    • Built the front-end and back-end while coordinating with a graphic designer and content writer.
  • (2014)
    • Informational website providing educational and career advice to visitors interested in careers in the Public Health field.
    • Built the front-end and back-end while coordinating with a graphic designer and content writer.
  • (2013)
    • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) aggregator to assist users in discovering the right online courses for their needs or interests.
    • Responsible for front-end development while coordinating with a MOOC subject expert, graphic designer, and back-end developer.


2011-Current | Development, Design, and Photography

In addition to my full-time duties I've worked on freelance and personal projects as a designer, developer, and photographer. My photo style leans toward documentary with a heavy emphasis on outdoor activities.


  • (Current)
    • Photo portfolio marketing to potential clients and providing a portal for print sales.
    • Built with Jekyll, the theme is an entirely custom design and build.
  • (Current) | Github
    • A lightweight jQuery plugin that scans page content and generates a pin-able Table of Contents.
    • Initially built as an internal project while at Consumer Media Network, the Open Source component and accompanying website were entirely built from scratch.
    • Currently being rebuilt to remove the jQuery dependence and update to the latest ES6 conventions.
  • (2013) | Github
    • An online typographic definitions study guide and search tool.
    • Built on WordPress as an experiment using HTML and JavaScript to create a native app like experience on mobile devices. All design and development is custom and released on Github.


2011-2012 | Contract Apprentice

My time at Atedrake guided my direction toward front-end development and shaped my standards for quality code practices. Responsibilities included assisting with research, design, and development on an array of projects.



For the ten years prior to transitioning to the web I earned my keep as a residential carpenter. Although seemingly different fields on the surface, I find carpentry and development to be very similar at their core. They both require attention to detail, the ability to solve complex problems with a general idea of the intended outcome, and the requirement to self-manage time and workload. Additionally, building a website or app is similar to building a home, starting with a solid foundation, and working up through framework, surfaces, and eventually details that as a whole, serve as one functional unit.



  • Proper HTML markup and document structure.
  • Latest updates to CSS.
  • Latest updates to JavaScript including ES6.
  • Best practices for accessibility including 508 compliance.
  • Utilizing progressive enhancement to support users of both old and new browsers and devices.
  • Building sites for unknown device dimensions and capabilities via responsive design.
  • Collaborative workflows with Git and GitHub.
  • Build tools including Grunt, Gulp, and NPM scripts as well as Travis CI.
  • Test Driven Development via Mocha and Jest.


  • Five years as an documentary/event photographer.
  • First camera operator for multiple CFPB documentary videos.
  • Editor for CFPB internal videos and Public Service Announcements.


  • Served as project lead for multiple projects.
  • Served as Scrum Master for my last two projects.
  • Achieved Eagle Scout rank and continue to serve BSA as a Den leader and Committee Member.
  • Created personal projects to explore concepts, skills, and libraries outside of my day-to-day responsibilities.


  • Authored multiple guides on best practices and workflows.
  • Lead project teams in daily standup, working sessions, and sprint reviews.

Time management

  • 100% remote employment for the last six years.
  • Independent carpenter for ten years prior.

Frameworks and Libraries

  • Atomic Design principals
  • Sass, Less, and PostCSS
  • jQuery and Angular 1
  • WordPress and Jekyll


  • Boy Scouts of America: Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and continue to serve the community through BSA.
  • Loft 112 Morrison (local art gallery) - Contributing artist (including a month long feature) and gallery advisor.
  • Received awards for exceptional service twice while at CFPB
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