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Cors proxies
Server SSL Metods Server country code Comments
cors-anywhere - US Follows redirects 5x
Require Origin header GET US Require Origin header
2MB size limit
cors-proxy.htmldriven - CZ JSON response
don't work well with binary
cors-proxy.taskcluster POST US Only witelisted to
Can send any header/method - US Supports both jsonp and cors
anyorigin - US Only jsonp is supported, response is always json, always require a refferer header
thingproxy ANY US Limited to 100kb for both upload and download, max 10 req/sec
whateverorigin GET US Only supports JSONP GET, HEAD US Only supports GET and HEAD request
gobetween GET US Only supports GET requests
goxcors - US Have a werd api

Still searching for that SSL-EU cors proxy 😞


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PostMalone commented Feb 13, 2018

any EU Cors?


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jimmywarting commented Sep 17, 2018

any EU Cors?

@PostMalone only cors-proxy.htmldriven so far, still have to go throught what @eliooses found


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super3 commented Dec 5, 2018

@jimmywarting Can you add YaCDN to the list? GET only at the moment. After some testing, I might also be able to launch an SSL-EU one.


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Zibri commented Dec 10, 2018

the CZ proxy seems dead BAD GATEWAY since a week :(

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