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Cors proxies
Service SSL status Response Type Allowed methods Allowed headers Exposed headers Follow redirect Streamable WebSocket Upload limit Download limit Country code Comments
cors-anywhere Mirrored Raw * * * Up to 5x US Require Origin header GET 2MB 2MB US Require Origin header
HTML Driven
Taskcluster * US All request must be made within the request body
Only whitelisted for taskcluster
anyorigin jsonp GET none none US
thingproxy * 100kb 100kb US Max 10 req/sec
Whatever Origin jsonp GET None None US Only code mirror Raw GET, HEAD US
Go Between
goxcors Allways 200 Raw * * None US POST type is limited to x-www-form-urlencoded
Have a werd api
Response Type is Allways text/html
YaCDN Not mirrored Raw GET None Up to 22x FR CDN, ignores browsers headers
All Origins Only code in json Json, jsonp, Raw * * None US When using raw you loose status information

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commented May 1, 2019

For CORS creator

A good cors proxy should

  • allow requested method & headers in preflight request
res.header('Access-Control-Allow-Methods', req.header('Access-Control-Request-Method'))
res.header('Access-Control-Allow-Headers', req.header('Access-Control-Request-Headers')) 
  • Send back
    • responseCode
    • responseText
    • raw data (in case someone wants to work with binary)
    • and expose all response header that came from making the request
      (and potentially prefix set-cookie & location with something)
  • dose not use but instead uses
    which allows for more option like
    • overriding method
    • sending forbidden headers
    • ignoring headers sent by the browser
    • set, delete or append request/response headers
    • control redirect (some want to read headers that are in the redirect)
    • putting the body in url for some reason


anyorigin, htmldriven & don't seems to not work atm

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